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Need some inspiration to get the creative process going? The Soundtrap Blog gives you the latest product news and tutorial guides to help you supercharge your music-making skills.

Girl on the floor singing into usb mic

Tips For Using The Vocal Doubler In Music Mixing 

Learn the secrets for using the vocal doubler in music mixing. Master the techniques and tools for professional results.

Woman on the floor mixing in Soundtrap

Remake Famous Songs with Soundtrap

Learn how to produce your favorite hit songs from scratch with Soundtrap. Watch video tutorials and deep dive into our remake song templates in the studio.

Doja Cat remake cover image

Remake Doja Cat’s ‘Need to Know’ Beat in Soundtrap

Want to make Doja Cat-type beats? Start by recreating her hit song ‘Need to Know’, produced by Dr. Luke, in Soundtrap. Watch the tutorial and access the project here.

Rapper performing on stage

The Complete Guide to Recording and Mixing Rap Vocals

Elevate your rap music production with our complete guide to recording and mixing rap vocals. Uncover pro techniques for sounding like the greats.

Cover to Jersey Club pack in Soundtrap

Jersey Club Sound Pack: 139 New Loops and Samples

Get those kick patterns lined up! Create your own Jersey Club Bangers with Soundtrap's Jersey Sound Pack. Loops, samples, and instrument sounds inspired by the Brick City!

A female producer making beats in Soundtrap

Create Better Mixes: Sidechain Compression Explained

What is sidechaining in music? Find out how you can use sidechain compression to make your mixes stand out even more.

Man on couch making music on his laptop

Digital Music Distribution: How to Release Your Music Online

Want to share your music with the world? This guide will show you how to release music online and get it distributed across major platforms.

Trap producers and artists in a dark studio snacking on doritos.

Best Trap Sound Packs in Soundtrap 2024

Add some real heat to your Trap beats this year! Check out the best and latest Trap samples and loop packs in Soundtrap.

A car drifting while listening to drift phonk

How to Produce Music: The Complete Guide to Drift Phonk

Dive deep into the Drift Phonk genre with this music production guide. Uncover the secrets of sampling, instrument arrangement, and mixing to produce captivating Drift Phonk tracks.

Square covert art for Corridos Tumbados sound pack

Corridos Tumbados Sound Pack - Loops & Sounds Inspired by Peso Pluma

Create your own Corridos Tumbados songs with the brand-new Corridos Sound Pack, jam-packed with Mexican-flavored loop presets, samples, and instrument one-shots.

Different synthesizers stacked over each other in a studio.

The History of The Synthesizer: How Music Became Digital

Find out the history of the Synthesizer and how it changed the world of music production. How is the instrument used today and how can you incorporate it into your music production?

A male producer checking his Soundtrap production on a cell phone

What Are One Shot Samples & Best Ways To Use Them

Elevate your music with one-shot samples: hits, stabs, and bites for creative diversity. Discover free resources and seamless integration in Soundtrap.

Mastering engineer in the studio

Improve Your Sound: Different Audio Formats Explained

Explore audio formats for optimal sound. Learn about uncompressed WAV, AIFF, and compressed MP3, AAC, FLAC. Choose the best format for your needs.

Person recording voice over in the studio

5 Tips on How To Record Pro Voice Overs

Learn how to record a voice over with this step-by-step guide. From setting up your equipment to editing the final product, we have you covered!

Fabian Mazur: How to Create Hyperpop Music in Soundtrap

How To Make Dark Trap Beats With Fabian Mazur

In this video tutorial, Fabian guides you through the process of producing dark Trap beats using Soundtrap's powerful online music studio.

Square cover image of Metro sound pack

Make Metro Boomin Type Beats with The Metro Sound Pack

Create beats inspired by divine hip-hop producer Metro Boomin. The new Metro Sound Pack by Soundtrap is filled with loops and samples to juice up your beats.

Mixing engineer in the studio mixing vocals

What Is Audio Sibilance and How To Fix It With a De-Esser?

If you want to get rid of audio sibilance, you can with a de-esser. Learn how to use this tool by reading this complete guide.

A crate with vinyl LPs and stickers on it

Best Lo-Fi Hip Hop Sound Packs in Soundtrap 2024

Step up your Lo-Fi production arsenal this year! Check out the best and latest Lofi hip-hop sounds and samples available in Soundtrap. Preview and access projects here.

Woman writing song lyrics on the floor

How to Write Song Lyrics: Pro Guide for Beginners

Discover the art of lyric writing and unleash your creativity with our guide on how to write song lyrics. Master the craft and create memorable expressions.

Girl on chair making music on Soundtrap

Create Better Mixes: Compression in Music Explained

Unlock the secrets of compression in music production. Explore techniques, types of compressors, and advanced tips for creating polished and professional mixes.

Press image of producer Jay Cactus

Presenting Drill December: Holiday Drill Packs & Beat Challenge

In the holiday spirit, Soundtrap is celebrating Drill December with two new & exclusive Drill Sound Packs plus a Holiday Beat Challenge featuring Jay Cactus.

Woman on the floor mixing in Soundtrap

Create Better Mixes: Delay in Music Explained

Discover the importance of delay in music production. Learn to enhance your mixes with this comprehensive guide on using delay effects.

A guitarist mixing with distortion in Soundtrap

Create Better Mixes: Saturation in Music Explained

Discover the art of using saturation in music production to enrich your mixes with warmth and character, and learn about its types and techniques.

man mixing music on Soundtrap while on couch

Create Better Mixes: Reverb in Music Explained

Explore the art of using reverb in music production to create richer, deeper mixes. Learn about different reverb types and how they shape the sound.

The History of The Drum Machine: How Music Became Digital

The History of The Drum Machine: How Music Became Digital

Find out how music went from analog to digital thanks to the innovation of the drum machine. How was it used to sequence sounds and how does it work in DAWs today?

Sound packs blog image

Soundtrap's Top 5 Most-Used Sound Packs of 2023

Find out what sounds topped the Soundtrap studio in 2023. We’ve compiled a list of our most popular sound packs released in the studio this year.

A woman on the floor recording piano on her MIDI controller.

Music Promotion: How to Distribute and Promote Your First Release

Get ready to show your music to the world! Learn how to distribute and promote your first release on digital platforms. From artwork to social media promotion, this is your checklist for optimizing your first release.

The Complete 2024 Podcast Equipment Buyer’s Guide

The Complete 2024 Podcast Equipment Buyer’s Guide

Get ready to start a podcast! We’ve listed the essential equipment you need for podcasting in 2024, with budget and premium price ranges to fit your needs.

Man using royalty-free loops in Soundtrap

What To Look For in a Music Production Program in 2024

Find out what to consider when deciding on software to produce music in. We list the most important capabilities that any DAW should offer in 2024. 

Image of the Soundtrap De-Esser interface

Smooth Out Your Vocals with The New De-Esser Effect from Soundtrap

Level up your vocal mixing with Soundtrap's new De-Esser effect. Tame sibilance, refine those “SSS” sounds and achieve smooth and professional vocals with precision.

Cover image of 8-bit Chiptune pack in Soundtrap

Unveiling Five New Vintage 8-Bit Instruments for Chiptune Beat Making

Dive into video game nostalgia with Soundtrap's New 8-Bit instrument suite! Easily create Chiptune, Hyperpop, and 8-bit EDM with five new instruments for your musical journey.

A wall painting of 8 bit retro gameboy

What Is Chiptune And How To Make Chiptune Beats

Learn how to craft authentic 8-bit beats using retro MIDI instruments in Soundtrap. Explore true Chiptune essence or blend vintage with modern for a unique music experience.

Fabian Mazur: How to Create Hyperpop Music in Soundtrap

Fabian Mazur: How to Create Hyperpop Music in Soundtrap

Dive into the vibrant world of Hyperpop music with Soundtrap and renowned artist and music producer Fabian Mazur. Watch the video tutorial here.

A drill musician in a mask on stage

What Is Drill Music & How To Make Your Own UK Drill Beats in 6 Steps

Dive into the world of Drill music: learn the origin of the subgenre, the difference between Drill and UK Drill, and how to create your own Drill beats in 6 easy steps.

Woman playing MIDI piano

Chord Progressions Explained - How to Write a Song With Instruments

Unlock your creativity! Master chords, iconic progressions, and instrument application. Elevate your songwriting with this essential guide.

Mixing sound board in the studio

11 Tips How To Fix Recording Latency in Your DAW

Reduce recording latency in your DAW with expert tips for buffer optimization and audio interface setup. Learn how to decrease your latency using Soundtrap specifically.

A studio setup showing a mic and volume controller

The Science of Audio Recording - A Beginner's Guide

Explore the science of audio recording in this beginner's guide for music producers and songwriters. Master equipment basics and advanced techniques.

A guitarist recording his audio in Soundtrap

What Is Distortion in Music and How To Use It When Mixing

Learn everything there is to know about audio distortion and how to use it in music mixing. Add punch and depth to your mixes by adding distortion effects to your tracks.

Rapper on stage rapping into a mic

How To Write Rap Lyrics: 9 Steps to Writing Raps Like the GOATs

Learn how the best emcees put together their bars and write timeless rap lyrics. This guide will teach you how to go from beat to finished rap song in 9 steps.

The winning producers at Soundtrap Beat Battle 2023

Soundtrap’s 3rd Annual Beat Battle: Celebrating Emerging Talent In Music

Soundtrap hosted its 3rd annual Beat Battle on Friday and set the stage for a fierce showdown to inspire creators and educators worldwide.

Man using royalty-free loops in Soundtrap

What Is Royalty-Free Music and How To Use It in Your Audio Productions

Discover the world of royalty-free music and unlock its potential for enhancing your songwriting and podcasting process using Soundtrap’s sound library.

Male vocalist holding a mic hanging from the ceiling in a pink room

7 Pro Tips to Get Flawless Vocal Recordings Every Time

Learn how to achieve the perfect vocal take for music and podcasting. From recording equipment and mic positioning to noise reduction using Soundtrap’s Vocal Cleanup.

The Job of The Audio Engineer - Record and Mix Music Professionally square image

The Job of The Audio Engineer - Record and Mix Music Professionally

Learn what it means to work as a professional audio engineer with our detailed guide. Master the art of recording, mixing, and shaping sound for artists in the studio.

Square image of the Soundtrap Vocal Cleanup

AI-Powered Noise Reduction with Soundtrap’s New Vocal Cleanup

Elevate the sound quality of your vocal takes and podcast recordings with the new Vocal Cleanup (Powered by AI), and redefine background noise reduction in your audio production.

Female guitarist recording in Soundtrap

Mic Check, One-Two: Choosing the Right Microphone for Recording Instruments

If you want to record instruments or vocals, you need the right microphone for the job. Use our guide to find out what type of mic suits your needs and why.

Cover image of Halloween sound pack in Soundtrap

NIGHTMXARE Sound Pack: New Halloween Loops, Sounds, and Effects

Create slasher-themed Halloween beats and songs with Soundtrap’s new sound pack. Spooky loops, sound effects, and one-shots, all in one pack. Get started today!

Square image of a home studio with a mic in the foreground

Soundproofing Tips for Music Producers: Make Your Home Studio Sound Better

Expert DIY soundproofing and acoustic treatment tips for music producers to transform any room into a professional recording studio. Achieve pristine audio quality at home with these steps.

A beatmaker producing lo-fi in his home studio

Beginner's Guide to Lo-fi Music: Tips for Creating Lo-fi Beats Step-by-Step

Discover the world of Lo-fi music production with this step-by-step beginner’s guide! Learn how to make mesmerizing and chill Lo-fi beats in just 9 clear steps.

Laptop showing the sampler in Soundtrap

Introducing Sampler: Turn Any Sound into Musical Magic

Soundtrap's brand-new Sampler lets you turn any sound into a musical instrument. Import any audio, map it across the keyboard, and create unique instruments for a unique sound.

Sheet music on pages in a pile

Basic Music Theory: An Introduction for Producers and Songwriters

Unlock your musical potential with our guide to basic music theory. From scales to chords, elevate your compositions and deepen your understanding.

Studio engineer explaining song parts to students

How To Create a Good Song Structure - Parts of a Song Explained

Become a better songwriter and create captivating song structures with our guide. Learn each part of a song, from verses and choruses to bridges and more.

Hip Hop 50th Sound Pack Cover Square

Celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop with Our Exclusive Sound Pack Collection

Explore the sounds of Hip Hop - spread out over five decades of beat breaks, 808s, and rhymes - bundled into one ultimate Hip Hop Sound Pack with a collection of our best loops, instruments, and samples.

Image of the Tape Wobbler Effect plugin in Soundtrap

Summer Thursdays: Create Vintage Lo-Fi with the New Tape Wobble

Soundtrap is bringing new music-making features to the studio every Thursday over the summer. This week, we’re introducing the Tape Wobble effect!

An EQ effect plugin

Breakdown of EQ Mixing: Parametric vs. Visual vs. Graphic Equalizers

Get the complete rundown of different EQs in audio mixing. What are the different types of equalizers and when should you use each of them to clean up your mix?

Image of Soundtrap's Visual EQ interface

Summer Thursdays: Get Cleaner Mixes with Soundtrap’s New Visual EQ

Introducing our brand new EQ effect plugin. The Visual EQ is a 5-band parametric equalizer with live audio wave metering and flexible frequency control.

Image if the new On/Off toggle for Auto Mastering in Soundtrap

NEW: Get More Flexibility with On/Off Auto Mastering

You asked and we listened! Introducing a highly requested feature in the Soundtrap Studio: The ability to toggle Auto Mastering On/Off when exporting songs.

Person recording midi synth in home studio using Soundtrap

How To Produce Music - 9 Steps to Get Started in Music Production

Find out what it takes to become a music producer and what you need to produce professional music in any genre. Soundtrap is the ultimate music production software to get started.

Image of the Mod Delay effect in Soundtrap

Summer Thursdays: Get Creative with Your Mix Using Mod Delay

Soundtrap is bringing new music-making features in the studio every Thursday over the summer. This week, we’re introducing the Mod Delay effect!

The Juicy Distortion effect in Soundtrap

Summer Thursdays: Introducing New Studio Features Every Week

Soundtrap is bringing new music-making features in the studio every Thursday over the summer, starting with Juicy Distortion and Crusher effects.

Cover art of Coins sound pack

Coins: Hyper Pop Loops, Samples, and One-shots in One Sound Pack

Produce Hyper Pop in Soundtrap! Inspired by gaming and pop culture - with glitchy textures, heavy bass plucks, and aggressive drums.

Press shot of Bad Snacks

New Loops & One-Shots from Lo-Fi Producer Bad Snacks

Bad Snacks brings lo-fi into the Soundtrap studio! Straight from Spotify’s Studio in LA, this pack is full of lush, vintage textures and spicy drums with 808s.

Male singer recording vocals on a microphone into Soundtrap

Engage and Grow Your Podcast Audience with Spotify for Podcasters

Do you have a podcast? Get access to powerful analytics, insights, and engagement tools to help you understand and nurture your audience with Spotify for Podcasters. 

Cover image of the Kandy EDM sound pack

Kandy: EDM Sound Pack with Loops and Samples

Get access to the ultimate EDM sound pack. With instruments and loops inspired by Trap and House, massive chords, and untamed drums. This sound pack is for the electronic music wizards!

The demo cover image of the Oppa K-pop sound pack

Oppa: K-Pop Sound Pack - Loops & Instruments

Create your own K-Pop tracks with the exclusive Oppa sound pack! Packed with loops and instruments inspired by the vibrant spirit, fancy details, and heavy-hitting rhythms of K-pop.

Press image of producer Jay Cactus

Jay Cactus Drops Exclusive UK Drill Sound Pack ‘Desert’ for Soundtrap Users

Soundtrap by Spotify has teamed up with renowned U.K drill producer Jay Cactus to unveil Desert, a comprehensive UK Drill sound pack of high-quality audio content.

Cover image of Desert Sound Pack by Jay Cactus

Desert: UK Drill Sound Pack by Jay Cactus

Get access to the Desert Sound Pack by Jay Cactus, filled with loops, samples, 808s, scorching one-shots, dark melodic instruments, and blistering drum patterns.

Cover art of Riverside Sound Pack

Riverside: Pop Sound Pack - Loops & Samples

Get access to 248 shimmering pop music loops. The Riverside Sound Pack comes with majestic pianos, shimmering acoustic guitars, and driving drums.

Music producer Lxgend in his studio holding a keyboard

Share Your Sound With Lxgend

Lxgend joins Soundtrap and reflects on his journey to becoming a self-taught artist, producer, and content creator way before YouTube tutorials existed.

Woman recording a podcast using Soundtrap

How To Get Started with Podcasting on Soundtrap

Complete guide to starting your podcast. How to create a format for a successful pod & the best equipment and software for podcast recording, editing, and hosting.

Square Cover image of the Arcane Sound Pack in Soundtrap.

Arcane Dreams: RnB Sound Pack - Loops & Samples

Get access to RnB loops, instruments, and drum kits by producer Fabian Mazur in Soundtrap! Slow, low, and mellow vibes that will fill your productions with slick melodies.

Cover image of the Pesado Sound Pack in Soundtrap. Two people behind the wheel of a car.

Pesado: Latin Trap Sound Pack - Loops & Samples

Get access to over 150 Latin Trap loops! With 808s, heavy drums, and Latin-inspired harmonies — Pesado will add some serious groove to your trap tracks.

The cover image of Spirit Sound Pack in Soundtrap. Women with sunglasses posing behind logo

Spirit: Afrobeats Sound Pack - Loops & Samples

Access 148 Afrobeat loops and samples! Laid-back chords and beats to change up your four-on-the-floor - this sound pack is bringing Afrobeats to the studio.

Male musician in studio playing 808 with glide

The 808 – Origins & Use in Music Production Today

Learn the history of the 808 drum machine and how it changed music forever. How it went from a simple beat-making tool to dominating hip-hop and other genres today.

A clock rewinding demonstrating the time restore feature in Soundtrap

Never Miss A Beat: Introducing Time Restore

In addition to Soundtrap’s Auto-Save feature, users can now restore previous versions of their projects in the Soundtrap Studio. This allows users to undo changes and recover a better-sounding version of their track.

A picture of Noize London in his studio.

Bucket Beats: Producing a Hip-Hop/Trap Beat with Noize London

Watch how Noize is tasked to produce a hip-hop/trap beat while incorporating our 808 (with glide) instrument and samples from our Pesado sound pack.

Cover image of Leather Sound Pack

Leather: Rock Sound Pack — Loops & Instruments

With howling guitar riffs, energetic drums, and distorted bass lines - this is the sound pack for headbangers, punk rockers, and indie-rock fans alike. 

Noize London in front of a building holding a music instrument

Mixing Tips for Beginners With Noize London

Are you new to mixing music and overwhelmed by all of the resources out there? Audio engineer Noize London breaks down the fundamentals of mixing music in this YouTube tutorial.

A producer with headphones inside the studio

Making Music with Loops & Samples: A Beginner's Guide

This blog post will give you all the info about how to produce music using pre-made loops and samples. Soundtrap's in-house producers have put together this guide to professional music-making using loops as a foundation.

Cover image of Raleigh: 70s Soul Sound Pack number 2

Raleigh: 70s Soul Sound Pack

Level up your music production and sample the sounds of the amazing decade that was the 70s. With crisp, glistening chord progressions, snappy drums and percussion for all of your soul needs

Cover art of Toast Sound Pack -  woman on roller skates

Toast: Dancehall Sound Pack

With energetic polyrhythms, smooth grooves, and dreamy synths - Toast is the first Dancehall pack in the Soundtrap studio.

A picture of Noize London in his studio.

Share Your Sound with Noize London

Watch the video of ​Noize London as he joins Soundtrap to talk about a life-changing experience he had at 14 — when he discovered his first digital audio workstation (DAW) inside a cereal packet.

A person in bed making remixes in Soundtrap

How To Change Speed or Pitch of Audio Online

Change the speed or pitch of a song directly online. Learn how to make sped-up or slowed-down remixes of music using Soundtrap’s online DAW.

Cover of Neighborhood demo project on Soundtrap

Neighborhood: Old School Hip-Hop Sound Pack

Curated for old-school hip-hop producers and Lo-Fi beatmakers. With this Sound Pack, you can access over 100 mind-bending loops, one-shots, and samples inspired by the type of old-school hip-hop that changed music forever.

A mixing console in a studio

8 Important Mixing Tools & Effects Every Musician Needs

Make your music sound professional and streaming-ready! These are the 8 essential mixing tools that every songwriter, producer, and engineer needs to know.

A person browsing through vinyls in a record store

The Sampler — A Guide to Sampling in Music Production

What is a sampler? How to use sampling in your music production. Learn about the different options of samplers and how to make the most out of this digital instrument.

Person mixing music in Soundtrap on their laptop

The Complete Online DAW for Music Production

Soundtrap is the all-in-one Digital Audio Workstation for beginners and pros alike. Completely online and fully equipped with topline software for audio recording and editing. Find out more about what Soundtrap has to offer.

Elliot Lee bucket beat challenge in Soundtrap

Creating a Synth-Pop Track With Elliot Lee | Bucket Beats

Watch as Brooklyn-based artist Elliot Lee takes on Soundtrap's music challenge to create a unique synth-pop track.

Mastering engineer in the studio

Online Music Mastering: How Does It Work?

Everything you need to know about AI audio mastering online and how you should prepare your music before submitting it to mastering services or applying AI mastering to your songs.

Press image of Elliot Lee

Share Your Sound: Ep. 4 with Elliot Lee

Writing music to feel less alone led to a fulfilling career for Elliot Lee. Watch the full episode of Share Your Sound with Elliot Lee here.

A vocalist recording in front of a mic in a studio

The Secrets To Recording Pro Vocals & Voiceovers

Learn how to record crisp and clear vocals and voiceovers at home or in a studio. Find out what mics and equipment to use and what techniques you should consider to capture vocals that are streaming and radio ready!

Male music producer recording vocals with Soundtrap

How To Edit & Mix Your Vocals Online in 7 Steps

Learn how to mix and edit vocals like a pro with our expert guide! Whether you're mixing rap vocals or singing vocals, learn where your vocals should sit in the mix.

Cover art of Crate Pianos Demo

Soundtrap Originals: Crate Pianos - LoFi Beats & Chill Vibes

Take a deep breath and dive into the creative flow - the Crate Pianos Pack is all about vibing out to the music. With beautiful pianos, warm bass, and low-key takes, Crate Pianos brings you the best of Lo-fi Hip Hop, Jazz, and Soul to the studio.

Cover art of 23 sound pack

Soundtrap Originals: 23 - Acoustic Pop

Get access to the beautiful pop sounds of 23. Warm pianos, rumbling drum loops, and heavy bass lines will complement everything from pop ballads to 80s synth-pop to Lo-Fi.

Woman writing music in her studio

Pro Songwriter Tips: Overcome Your Writer’s Block for Good

Discover new ways to overcome writer's block and unleash your creativity as a songwriter. We offer pro tips and tricks from music makers inside Spotify to end your creative block and spark your songwriting process.

Covert art of Lush Vox Sound Pack by Astraea

Soundtrap Originals: Lush Vox by Astraea

Get full access to Lush Vox! Producer Astraea is the creator of this wonderful Sound Pack filled with vocal samples, mythical, luscious top-lines, and enchanting choir elements.

cover art to Hype Trap Sound Pack

Soundtrap Originals: Hype Trap by Fabian Mazur

Music producer Fabian Mazur has created Hype Trap: A Soundtrap Original Sound Pack. Access the pack here, filled with samples and loops that exude high-energy trap vibes.

A female songwriter writing a song on a piano with Soundtrap in the background

Songwriting Tips: How To Write Incredible Songs In Any Genre

How to write a song online with our pro tips and tools for crafting chord progressions, melodies, and writing lyrics and song structure. Access the ultimate songwriting guide.

Cover art to Brixton Sound pack

Soundtrap Originals: Brixton Sound Pack

From the outskirts of the capital, Brixton is bringing more U.K Drill to the studio, with deep basses, large textures and those hard hitting drums that you know and love.

Covert art of Memphis Sound Pack with cars drifting in the desert

Soundtrap Originals: Memphis Sound Pack

Nothing but Drift Phonk. Get access to 100s of distorted, clipped, and scrambled samples meshed with unique cowbell sounds.

An image of a music producer making a remix of a song

How to Remix a Song: The Steps To Get Started

If you’re interested in remixing music, there are plenty of ways to get started! With today’s audio production tools, it’s easier than ever to create remixes. And with DAWs like Soundtrap, you can even remix a song online. This article will show you how to put your own twist to your favorite songs by learning how to remix music.

Soundtrap Originals Cover art of four different sound packs

Soundtrap Originals: Audio Loops & Sample Packs

Loops and sample packs are a great way to find inspiration and save time when making music. Soundtrap offers over 23 000 royalty-free loops, instruments, sound FX, and samples –– all available inside the Studio.

Woman singing in the studio with headphones on

An Introduction to Auto-Tune: How It Can Enhance Your Music

Auto-Tune is a type of audio processing software that is used to modify and enhance vocal recordings. Find out about the history of Auto-Tune and the impact it’s had on modern pop music.

A beatmaker making a beat in Soundtrap

Make Your Own Beat: Step-by-Step Guide

Making a beat is one of the most enjoyable activities for music producers. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of beat-making. Whether you want to make raunchy Trap Beats, LoFi Hip Hop, or Dance Music, the process of creating beats basically follows the same steps.

Person mixing music in Soundtrap on their laptop

Mixing Music Online in 10 Easy Steps

Soundtrap lets you mix your songs instantly online. Learn how to mix your music in this step-by-step guide for beginners.

Mastering engineer in the studio

7 Steps to Master a Song

Learn how to master your own music in 7 steps, what online mastering is, and how much professional mastering costs.

Musician in home studio recording guitar

Setting Up a Home Studio for Recording Music

Everything you need to build your own home studio for music recording in 7 easy steps.

A musician in the studio producing with 808 with glide

Produce Harder Beats Using 808 Bass with Glide

The sound that gained notoriety in modern UK Drill and Trap beats. Yes, we are talking about the 808 sub-bass. Hard-hitting, deep, and bendy bass lines with the glide function at your disposal.

A room with a guitar leaning on a chair next to a laptop

Steps to Creating A Song from Start to Finish

Making a song is definitely not easy, but we’ve made it easier. From coming up with a melody and lyrics, to getting your masterpiece streaming ready, we have your back each step of the way.

A girl with a keyboard recording music on her laptop with Soundtrap

A Guide to Audio Mixing

The next step after recording your track is mixing. Making sure every instrument and vocal sound great together is key to making a song come alive. Find out how Soundtrap can make your mix sound great and in harmony.

A girl in her bedroom recording vocals with a microphone on her laptop

An Introduction to Music Mastering

Mastering your song is the final stage of music creation. Soundtrap automatically masters your track to ensure that it sounds polished and competitively loud on all devices and platforms.