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Unveiling Five New Vintage 8-Bit Instruments for Chiptune Beat Making

November 30, 2023 | Soundtrap

8-bit video games in pixelated art

To kick off some good old holiday spirit, Soundtrap is proud to announce the release of new additions to its retro-sounding 8-Bit Instrument Suite, a game-changer for creators diving into the realms of Chiptune, Hyperpop, and 80s-inspired Electronic Music.

This exciting release introduces five new sounds to Soundtrap’s extensive MIDI instrument library:

  • 8 Bit Kit

  • 8 Bit Bass

  • 8 Bit Lead

  • 8 Bit Stab

  • 8-Bit Power

The newly released instrument suite is an addition to existing 8-bit synths and drum kits already available in Soundtrap, amplifying our studio’s capabilities for crafting nostalgic and retro-vibing tunes.

Jump into the studio and get started with the instrument presets by clicking here.

What is Chiptune and 8-bit Music?

Chiptune is a genre that harnesses the sonic charm of vintage video game consoles and computers. It's characterized by its lo-fi, melodic, and often playful tones, reminiscent of classic gaming soundtracks. The 8-bit aesthetic, rooted in the limitations of early computing hardware, has become a symbol of nostalgia, inspiring a new wave of creativity in contemporary music.

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Enhanced creative arsenal of instrument presets

With these new instruments, Soundtrap users now have an expanded toolkit at their fingertips, elevating the platform's prowess in delivering authentic and customizable 8-bit sounds. 

Whether users are crafting retro game-inspired melodies or infusing Hyperpop beats with a vintage twist, the 8-Bit Instrument Suite opens up a world of possibilities for musical experimentation.

Explore the future of retro-inspired music production with Soundtrap's latest release—your gateway to the immersive worlds of vintage electronic music. Unleash your creativity and redefine the boundaries of sound in the digital era.

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