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New Feature Friday: Outstanding Vocals with Soundtrap's Vocal Doubler

March 22, 2024 | Soundtrap

Girl singing into microphone and being doubled

Fresh out the oven! Soundtrap is rolling out new music-making tools and features over the coming weeks as a part of our New Feature Friday campaign.

First out, we're excited to announce the latest addition to the Soundtrap studio: the Vocal Doubler. This powerful vocal effect helps producers, mixing engineers, and vocalists achieve thicker and fuller vocals with just a few tweaks. 

If you’re tired of thin and lifeless vocals, the Vocal Doubler is the tool for you. Before the Vocal Doubler effect, if you wanted your vocals to sound richer, you’d usually re-record the vocalist and stack the takes over each other. This process could be both time-consuming and impractical. 

By duplicating the original vocal signal into two new modulated stereo signals, this effect gives the illusion of multiple vocals singing simultaneously. This results in a thicker, fuller vocal sound and adds depth and width to the singer’s voice.

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Better-sounding vocals with 3 easy settings

Soundtrap's Vocal Doubler is designed to make your vocals stand out in the mix, and to help you achieve professional-grade vocals with ease. The Vocal Doubler offers three intuitive settings for optimal control:

Strength: Tailor the amount of separation from the original signal to match your desired effect precisely.

Modulation: Fine-tune the amount of delay and pitch shift added to the doubled signals for a natural and pleasing sound.

Boost: Unleash your creativity with the Boost button, exploring new ways to make your vocals unique and interesting.

With its sleek interface, the Vocal Doubler allows users to visually track and adjust the doubling effect of their vocal signal, ensuring precision and clarity in every mix.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or a hobby vocalist, Soundtrap's Vocal Doubler is an easy way to achieve professional vocals and deliver unparalleled results.

The Vocal Doubler effect is available on Soundtrap Premium. Sign up for a 1-month free trial to access the full Soundtrap mixing suite.

How to use Vocal Doubler in Soundtrap

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