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NEW: Get More Flexibility with On/Off Auto Mastering

July 5, 2023

Image of the new auto mastering off on toggle in Soundtrap

You asked and we listened! Today, Soundtrap is introducing a highly requested feature in the Soundtrap Studio: The ability to toggle Auto Mastering On/Off when exporting your songs. This new feature will give users unprecedented control over their music and the final sound of their bounced projects. 

Soundtrap’s Auto Mastering is one of the most appreciated features in the studio. It automatically fine-tunes a mix, creating a cohesive and fuller sound while making it competitively loud and release-ready for streaming services. But our users have expressed the desire to be able to bypass Auto Mastering in the export process, and we of course listened!

With the new Auto Mastering toggle being rolled out today, users will be able to choose if they want their songs to be mastered by Soundtrap’s AI functionality or take their mix somewhere else to be finalized before release. This new feature gives music producers unprecedented control over their music and allows them to export the project sounding identical to their final mix.

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Why is this great?

We have noted that in some instances, producers, artists, and songwriters only want the mix to be exported so that a collaborator or client can keep working on the song elsewhere. Auto Mastering the song during export complicates further processing like adding vocals or other instruments retroactively. 

In other cases, users may want their songs mastered by a third party or a professional mastering engineer. The new Auto Mastering Toggle gives users more flexibility and lets them take their mixed songs wherever they want to be finalized and ready for release. 

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The toggle-off Auto Mastering feature is now available to all users in the Soundtrap Studio. You can find it in the File drop-down menu where you export your projects. Want to listen to what the difference sounds like? Check out the two versions of our Memphis Sound Pack demo below.

Happy creating!

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