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Introducing Sampler: Turn Any Sound into Musical Magic

September 4, 2023 / Soundtrap

A laptop image of the Soundtrap Sampler

Step into the future of music production with Soundtrap's new and innovative music tool - Sampler! We're excited to introduce a game-changing feature to revolutionize how you create music in Soundtrap.

Turning everyday sounds into musical instruments, effortlessly importing third-party sounds and reshaping them, and crafting your own sonic universe is now possible in the Soundtrap studio. Introducing the Sampler - where anything and everything can be an instrument.

Your sound, your instrument

Sampler empowers music-makers to take control of their sound and productions like never before. Now, you can upload your own audio snippets and sounds to Soundtrap and magically pitch them across a keyboard, transforming them into fully-fledged instruments. That's right – the creak of a door, the rustle of leaves, or even the playful purr of your furry friend can easily be sampled and become the foundation of your next musical masterpiece.

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Endless sound possibilities

But that's not all. Sampler introduces a universe of sounds right at your fingertips in the Soundtrap studio. We're launching, alongside Sampler, 1000+ new one-shots, meticulously curated from drums, synths, strings, and more, all seamlessly integrated into Soundtrap's loops library

This means you can explore these sounds for your compositions, sample them, and tweak them into your own creations. The result? A limitless sonic potential that's ready to be explored. Do you have your own library of drum kits, sample packs, and sound FX? Don’t worry, you can load up any third-party sound to the Sampler and make your tracks stand out in completely new ways!

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Unlock the magic of auto-key detection

Sample with ease, even if you're not a music theory expert! With Sampler's auto-key detection, the technical complexities of mapping samples to different keys vanish. Drop in the sound of your cat's playful growl, and witness Sampler's ingenious technology detect the perfect note – let's say, D – and automatically map the surrounding keys accordingly. It's like having a personal musical assistant who solves the complexities for you.

Learn how to use the Sampler in Soundtrap here.

detailed image of the sampler in soundtrap

Save your presets and build your own sample tool kit

Sampler isn't just about sampling once – it's about building your own personal soundscape. Our Save-Presets functionality lets you store and revisit your most innovative sample creations. From ethereal melodies to rhythmic beats, you can now recreate your sonic experiments with a single click, allowing for endless creativity and streamlining of your music production.

Are you ready to experience the future of music-making? Sampler is now live in the Soundtrap studio, inviting you to explore, create, and innovate. Sampler opens doors to unparalleled musical possibilities whether you're an experienced producer or a curious beginner.*

*Available on the Music Makers and Complete plans.

Don't miss out on this musical revolution! Sign up for Soundtrap today and embrace the world of Sampler. Your own sound has never been more at your fingertips!

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