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Sound Pack: Memphis - Phonk Loops & Samples

Drift Phonk—Distortion, Cowbells...And Distortion

Cover art of Memphis Sound Pack in Soundtrap

Get your Phonk on with the sound that took over the internet

High gear for the new year - this Sound Pack is made for Drift Phonk. Get access to 100s of distorted, clipped, and scrambled samples meshed with unique cowbell sounds. Jump inside the Soundtrap studio and create the same iconic sound that’s taken over the internet. Full access on the Music Makers and Complete plans.

This sound pack includes:

  • 225 loops

  • 2 drum kits

  • 1 demo project (for inspirational purposes only - may not be used as your own content or distributed outside of Soundtrap)

Elevate your beat production with Drift Phonk

Phonk originated from the Memphis Hip Hop scene and used chopped and screwed rap vocals over jazz and funk-infused beats. Drift Phonk has similar characteristics but uses a darker and more distorted sound, with cowbells and high bass as distinctive ingredients.

The style was made popular on social media in the late 2010s and is often accompanied by lo-fi videos of street cars drifting.

Enter the Soundtrap studio today to get access to the full Memphis Sound Pack, filled with the instruments and samples you need to create that true hype sound of the Dirty South.

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