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Make Metro Boomin Type Beats with The Metro Sound Pack

January 17, 2024 | Soundtrap

Cover art of Metro Boomin Sound Pack

"Metro", the latest sound pack release from online studio Soundtrap, is your one-way ticket to luscious Trap and Hip Hop vibes. Inspired by one of Hip Hop’s most sought-after producers today: Metro Boomin, the man behind countless hit records with artists like Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Future, Drake, Migos, and Post Malone, to name a few. 

Soundtrap is thrilled to unveil the new Metro sound pack, an electrifying collection, filled with loops and samples to help YOU create Metro Boomin type beats in no time.

Dive into the essence of Metro Boomin's signature style with these meticulously crafted Trap sounds, drum loops, and samples.

Elevate your beats to new heights and channel the divine energy of one of the most influential producers in the Hip Hop scene.

Preview the demo from the sound pack below and open it up in the studio to access all 102 loops and sounds.

How to Make Metro Boomin Type Beats EASILY With Soundtrap

This sound pack includes:

102 loops

Head over to the Soundtrap studio and discover the Metro Sound Pack to add that Metro Boomin fire to your beat production. Transform your sound and explore new sonic landscapes with this immersive release.

Get started with Soundtrap today!