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Jay Cactus Drops UK Drill Sound Pack ‘Desert’

May 24, 2023

Press image of producer Jay Cactus

Desert by Jay Cactus is the latest addition to the expansive Soundtrap Originals series.

Soundtrap has teamed up with renowned UK drill producer Jay Cactus to unveil Desert, a comprehensive sound pack of high-quality audio content that encapsulates the very essence of UK drill.

This toolkit offers an impressive collection of 300 loops, 135 one-shots, and 80 instruments that are infused with Jay’s pioneering sound design and unmistakable production techniques. With hard-hitting drums, gritty 808 basslines, and melodic loops, this pack aims to empower music creators with cutting-edge sounds to craft authentic UK drill beats while inspiring them to revolutionize the genre.

“We are thrilled to partner with one of the most renowned and influential producers shaping the UK drill scene," said Vanja Steinholtz, Head of Audio Content. "As the genre continues to grow in popularity, this collaboration with Jay embodies our shared dedication to breaking the barriers of music making and empowering creators to push their artistic expression forward.”

Desert by Jay Cactus is the latest addition to the expansive Soundtrap Originals series, a bi-weekly release of sound packs produced by a network of music producers, exclusively for Soundtrap users. From mainstream genres like pop and hip-hop, to emerging styles such as phonk and future trap, Soundtrap Originals enhances Soundtrap’s mission to support producers and songwriters in their creative process with an arsenal of professional-grade audio content.

This sound pack marks Soundtrap and Jay’s latest collaboration to equip music makers with essential tools to explore and thrive within an evolving landscape. Last December, Jay partnered with Soundtrap to introduce the 808 (with glide) instrument, accompanied by a selection of 40+ high-quality presets that make it even easier for users to create bending 808s that have become increasingly popular in modern hip-hop and pop music.

Watch Hip Hop producer Jay Cactus produce a UK Drill beat using 808 with Glide in Soundtrap.

Full access to Desert by Jay Cactus is available on the Music Makers and Complete plans. Subscribe today and get 1-month free.

About Jay Cactus

Jay Cactus is a highly-acclaimed music producer and content creator known for his unique UK Drill productions and captivating cookup videos. Born in Toronto, Canada and raised in the UK, he has established himself as a leading figure in the genre.

With an unmistakable sound and expert production skills, his dynamic and innovative approach to music has earned him a devoted fanbase and cemented his position as one of the most exciting and influential music producers of his generation.

About Soundtrap

Soundtrap by Spotify is an online studio for songwriters, beat makers, and podcasters. Made by musicians and producers, our mission is to make music creation and storytelling simple and collaborative for everyone by providing powerful tools, expansive sounds, and intuitive interfaces that empower the next generation of creators to create professional-sounding music and audio projects from anywhere, at any time, and with anyone. 

With over 25,000 royalty-free loops and instruments, Soundtrap plays a key role in Spotify’s mission to unlock the potential of human creativity and commitment to supporting creators at every stage of their career.

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