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Summer Thursdays: Introducing New Studio Features Every Week

June 22, 2023

Image of the new distortion mixing effects in Soundtrap

Online music studio Soundtrap is rolling out new music-making features over the coming weeks so you can create the ultimate song of summer!

To better enable music makers around the world to create professional-sounding songs easily, Soundtrap is adding 5 new mixing effects to the studio for all users, including new distortion effects, delay, and an intuitive, visual EQ.

First Out: Juicy Distortion & Crusher

To kick off Summer Thursdays, Soundtrap has released Juicy Distortion and Crusher. These mixing effects bring the best of two distortion techniques together and are made to empower Soundtrap users with more freedom and flexibility in their creative process to easily achieve professional-sounding projects. 

Juicy Distortion adds an extra kick to the track, bringing the mix forward and upfront while making the sound fuller and more dimensional. 

Crusher, on the other hand, adds a screaming, aggressive edge to any sound, perfect for producing genres like Trap, Rock, Lo-Fi, or Drift Phonk.

Image of the new crusher distortion mixing effects in Soundtrap

Distortion is a critical tool for professional mixing, as it can be that is used to shape the sound of a track and create unique, captivating sonic textures. Subtle distortion is commonly used to create more warmth and presence in instruments or vocals. Harder distortion is used to over-amplify a source and create a darker, raunchier sound, like electric guitars in heavy metal, for example. 

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With these new distortion effects designed with an intuitive UI and comprehensive settings, producers and musicians of all levels can enhance the sound of their drums, vocals, bass, and more.

Summer Thursday Rollout

Jun 22, 2023: Juicy Distortion & Crusher

Jun 29, 2023: Mod Delay

Jul 6, 2023: Visual EQ

Jul 13, 2023: Tape Wobble

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