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Share Your Sound with Noize London

April 19, 2023

How Noize London discovered music production & become an audio engineer

How Noize London became a full-time songwriter and audio engineer

Watch our latest install of the Youtube-series "Share Your Sound", where we invite music producers, audio engineers, and songwriters to tell their stories. This episode is hosted by none less than Noize London!

@NoizeLondon joins Soundtrap to talk about a life-changing experience he had at 14 — when he discovered his first digital audio workstation (DAW) inside a cereal packet.

Hear his story as he reflects on his journey from exploring the pop and deep-house arena as a singer-songwriter and producer, to taking music production classes and becoming a full-time audio engineer. Noize also shares his best tips on finding inspiration and how collaboration can make the music creation process more rewarding.

You can find more episodes from our Share Your Sound series on our Youtube channel.

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