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Create podcasts together. Online.

Whatever you have to share with the world, we have the tools to help you say it. Easily record, collaborate, transcribe, and edit your podcast all in one place.

A close-up of the Soundtrap Studio in dark mode showing the transcript feature. One comment has been left on a track.
The back of someone who is looking at a screen with the Soundtrap Studio in dark mode on. They have a coffee cup beside them, and a microphone in front of them. The person is wearing headphones.

Podcast editing made easy

Take your editing to the next level with our game-changing interactive transcript feature. Transform your spoken words into text with automatic transcription, and edit your podcast recording quickly and easily, just like a text document.

Three different images, each showing someone singing or speaking into a microphone with headphones on. In two of the images, the person is looking at the Soundtrap Studio.

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on any device

Invite your collaborators into the Studio and start a podcast together in real-time. Everything is stored in the cloud, giving you the freedom to record and edit your podcast whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Podcasting exclusive features

Create a signature jingle

Make your own signature podcast jingle and complete your production with sound effects from audio resources.

Host guest interviews

Inviting guests into your next podcast episode is as easy as sharing a link. All your guest needs is an internet connection and a microphone.

Collaborate and record together

Collaborate remotely with co-hosts or guests, while recording high-quality audio on separate tracks in the Studio.

Increase discoverability of your podcast

This is the only tool that allows you to upload both podcast episodes and transcripts directly to Spotify, boosting the discoverability of your podcast.

*Some features available on desktop only, and some features available on Vocals & Songwriting and Production & Vocals plans only.

Two people are looking at each other with a microphone placed between them. They are recording a podcast. They are both wearing headphones. The Soundtrap Studio is open in dark mode on a laptop behind them.

Upload directly to Spotify

With our Vocals & Songwriting plan, you can publish your podcast and transcript directly to Spotify without any hassle. No workaround needed.

Try Vocals & Songwriting to unlock all of our podcast features. Your story starts here.