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Sound Packs: Royalty-Free Loops, Samples & One-Shots

Loops and sample packs are a great way to find inspiration and save time when making music. Soundtrap offers over 23 000 exclusive and royalty-free loops, instruments, sound FX, and samples — all available inside the Studio!

An image of four different sound pack covers from Soundtrap

Soundtrap Originals Sound Packs — exclusively released every 2 weeks

Soundtrap Originals are created by some of the top music producers in the industry, exclusively for Soundtrap users. Whether you’re looking for 80s pop synths, Lo-Fi horns, 808 bass sounds, or vocal samples, Soundtrap’s library of over 23 000 loops and samples got you covered. 

Our sound packs are released bi-weekly and feature a variety of genres and trending music styles. This means that you constantly have freshly updated instrumentals, samples, and loops. The wide range of sound packs gives you endless options to create your own sound, for example:

  • Hip Hop drum loops

  • Trap piano samples

  • UK Drill

  • Afrobeats

  • Boom bap

  • Dubstep

  • Soul samples

  • Vocal chops

  • Acoustic pop

  • Lo-Fi instruments

  • 808 bass sounds

  • EDM loops

  • 80s synths

Plus many, many more. Explore our Sound Pack Library here.*

Every Soundtrap Original also includes a demo project built with loops and instruments from the Sound Packs. This gives you the opportunity to quickly get a feel for the style and genre of the pack and lets you use the demo project as a template to create your own song. 

Check out our latest Sound Packs

Check out our latest sound packs, available now in the Soundtrap Studio. Explore our extensive sound library of Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, EDM, Rock, and more...

Why use Audio Loops and Sample Packs?

Audio loops and sample packs can be used to add variety and depth to music production. Loops are in either MIDI or wave form and can be layered and mixed together to create interesting rhythms and melodies. 

Sample packs are collections of audio samples, often organized by sound, vibe, genre, or instrument. Samples can be used to lay the foundation of a new song or melody, or they can be used to add sound effects, drums, and other elements on top of a track. 

Both loops and sample packs are sometimes referred to as beat templates because they save both time and effort when you make beats or write songs. The pre-made sounds and arrangements can easily be added to your project and give you a starting point. Additionally, they can be used to add unique and diverse sounds to a production, that might not be available in your studio setup. 

Samples are also commonly used to revive previously released songs or genres. Hip Hop producers — for example — frequently sample old jazz, blues, and soul records on their beats to add authenticity and pay tribute to the roots of the genre.

Check out how Adam uses loops from Soundtrap to create a Lo-Fi Beat.


Soundtrap Originals consist of sounds, loops, and samples that are 100% royalty-free. This means that you can commercially release any original song that you’ve created using sounds from the Soundtrap library.

Read more about how our royalty-free sounds work here.*

Loops and samples based on Song or Artist

The loops library in Soundtrap lets you find the perfect sound by searching for an instrument, genre, or style. In addition, you can search and find sounds that match a specific song or artist. 

If you want to make a beat that sounds like something your favorite rapper would spit over, type in the artist’s name and browse through the results of instrument loops and samples.

Maybe you heard a song on the radio that you loved and would like to create something similar. Search for the song title in Soundtrap and find similar sounds to start composing your song with.

The soundtrap daw in a bedroom studio with purple mood lighting

Soundtrap offers over 23,000 loops in the Studio — available on the Music Makers and Complete plans

How to get started

When you’ve logged into the Soundtrap Studio, open up a new project and click on the note icon in the upper right corner. This opens up the Loop Library where you can browse through a variety of categories, like Hip Hop, Rock, Sound FX, Drums, Piano, MIDI, and Vocals. Or you can search for specific sounds based on instrument, style, genre, vibe, format, artist or song, etc.

Preview any sound or loop before adding them and save the ones you want to keep for later. Once you’ve decided on a loop, add them to a new track and start building. 

Soundtrap’s DAW lets you change the speed and pitch of a loop, as well as key and scale. You can also chop up samples and add effects to the sound. There are no limits to your creativity here so feel free to play around with any instrument or loop you choose.

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to use loops in Soundtrap:

*Terms and conditions apply. Full access to Soundtrap Originals on the Music Makers and Complete plans. See subscription plans and pricing here.

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