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Make music together. Online.

Your everywhere studio. Create and record easily with powerful tools and sounds, all in one place.

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Vocal & mixing tools

Reverb, Distortion, EQ, Delay, Compressor, and more.

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Virtual instruments

Beatmaker, software synths, drum kits, and 808 with Glide sounds.

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Royalty-free sounds

Thousands of loops, samples, one-shots, and sound effects.

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Collaborative studio

Make music online anytime, with anyone, on any device.

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Industry quality sounds, every 2 weeks

New and exclusive sound packs are dropped every two weeks from trending genres like Phonk, Drill, Lo-Fi, K-Pop, and more. Our sound library has up to 24,000+ loops and hundreds of presets, designed and mixed by professional producers.

Latest Soundtrap Originals

High Fashion, Soundtrap Originals

High Fashion

Guitar Trap

Selecta, Soundtrap Originals



23, Soundtrap Originals


Acoustic Pop

Memphis, Soundtrap Originals


Drift Phonk

Trunk, Soundtrap Originals


Hip Hop

Crate Pianos, Soundtrap Originals

Crate Pianos


Murmur, Soundtrap Originals


Hip Hop

Rage, Soundtrap Originals


Rage Trap

Brixton, Soundtrap Originals


UK Drill

Pesado, Soundtrap Originals


Latin Trap

Poco Más, Soundtrap Originals

Poco Más


Explore more sound packs from your favorite genres

A picture show a person sitting in front of a monitor showing the soundtrap studio, this person is collaborating with another person using the video chat collaboration feature

Collaborate with anyone, from anywhere

Create and collaborate with your bandmates, friends, or other musicians in real-time through video and chat, directly in the studio. Leave comments on your shared projects and let auto-save keep you in the creative flow.

Two small square shaped pictures with one show a person sitting in front of a small home studio setup and the other one show another person play a midi keyboard connecting to a laptop

Mix and master for a chart-ready sound

Finalize your song with our mixing and mastering tools, suitable for beginners and pros alike. From auto-mixing to EQs, compressors, and more – access all the tools you need to take your song to the top 50!

More features

Vocal tuning

Achieve pro-sounding vocals from every take with our pitch correction software.


Tweak the volume, pan, and use the filter sweep effect with this powerful audio editing tool.

Patterns beatmaker

Make your own beats with ease. Sequencing a unique beat for your next track has never been easier.

Plug and play

Connect your own microphone, guitar, or any other instrument.

*Access to Vocal tuning and Automation available on the Beat Making, Music Production, and Production & Vocals plans.

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