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Best Trap Sound Packs in Soundtrap 2024

February 5, 2024 — Add some real heat to your Trap beats this year! Check out the best and latest Trap samples and loop packs in Soundtrap.

Trap producers and artists in a dark studio snacking on doritos.

Step into the realm where rhythm meets innovation! Soundtrap’s most-used Trap sound packs will take your beat-making to the next level and have rappers lined up around the block to get their hands on your next production.

This is your invitation to infuse some real heat into your trap productions! We've curated a collection of the hottest trap sound packs on Soundtrap, featuring pulsating 808s, mesmerizing hi-hats, and atmospheric melodies that promise to elevate your beats. Every snare, kick, and synth in these packs tells a story, waiting for you to explore and make it your own. 

Check out the best and latest Trap samples and loop packs below – because your beats deserve nothing but the nicest and most cutting-edge sounds in 2024. 

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Preview the demo project of each sound pack below, and click on “Open in studio” to access the demo project with all loops and sounds in the Soundtrap studio.

FLUX by Fabian Mazur

Fabian Mazur has created a certified banger pack with FLUX. He had nothing but pure Trap in mind when he created this compiltion for Soundtrap users.

Low-profile kicks and snares with chugging hats and ruthless 808s bring a dark tone and heavy grooves. Run it back again, pair it with your favorite textures, and bake. These productions are undeniably tasty.

This pack includes

100 loops

2 drum kits


Time for evolution to true God Mode, from the underground movement to the heights of cloud nimbus. With buzzing synth elements from EDM and Hyperpop, Trap drums, and knocking 808s - Rage Trap is your go-to crowd pleaser in the studio.  

This sound pack includes:

225 loops

2 drum kits


Heavily influenced by the southern trap giants, like Lil Baby, Migos, and Future, High Fashion is the most popular addition to the Soundtrap studio. With a strong foundation in emotive acoustic guitars, heavy beats, and a sprinkle of beautiful textured melodies this pack radiates the spirit of youth and grit.

This sound pack includes

151 loops

HUSH by Fabian Mazur

It’s called Hush - but this sound pack is here to make some noise. Fabian Mazur is back with flaming hot 808s, sharp tops, heavy kicks and massive soundscapes. For the beat makers who are into dark undertones and cryptic melodies!

This sound pack includes

131 loops

METRO Inspired by Metro Boomin

"Metro" is your ticket to the essence of trap and hip-hop. Dive into the world of heavy beats, intense melodies, and infectious rhythms. Elevate your sound with "Metro" and create music that grooves with that signature Metro Boomin heat.

This pack includes

102 loops

Have fun creating your next beat!

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