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Kandy: EDM Sound Pack with Loops and Samples

Unlock professional quality EDM sounds with the Kandy Sound Pack

Cover art to Kandy Sound pack

50 fresh EDM loops to get your production started right now

For EDM producers searching for the perfect tools to create their next hit. Look no further, our EDM sound pack Kandy has everything you need to craft your own masterpiece.

Featuring a powerful suite of electronic instrument presets, top-of-the-line EDM loops and samples, and an adrenaline-packed demo project to get your creativity flowing.

This package provides you with all the tools you need to create professional-level EDM tracks. Don't wait any longer; unlock your creative potential today and make your vision a reality with Kandy — the ultimate EDM sound pack!

With arena anthems inspired by Trap and House, massive chords, and untamed drums - this highly requested sound pack will bring EDM and Future Bass straight into your studio. 

Full access on the Music Makers and Complete plans. 

 This sound pack includes:

  • 20 songstarters 

  • 10 kick loops

  • 10 snare loops

  • 10 top loops

  • 1 demo project (for inspirational purposes only - may not be used as your own content or distributed outside of Soundtrap)

Producing EDM: A look at electronic dance music and its impact

EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music and is a genre that has grown exponentially in popularity over the past few decades. It is typically characterized by heavy use of synthesizers, sampled loops, and various electronic elements, such as drum machines, to create a dance-friendly sound unique to the genre.

Producing EDM often involves complex layers of sound, and requires a great deal of knowledge and skill to be able to create a quality track. However, with the Kandy EDM Sound Pack by Soundtrap, producing top-level EDM tracks just got easier. With premade loops and instrument presets, you're set to get started right away without having to invent new sounds or melodies.

Many EDM producers experiment with a variety of effects, such as reverb and delay, to create an interesting soundscape, something that is easily achievable with Soundtrap's effect tools inside the studio.

EDM has grown in popularity due to its upbeat and energetic feel, and its ability to create an atmosphere of excitement and fun. The genre has rightly become an important part of many cultures around the world, and its influence has spread to other genres of music as well.

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