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Create Chord Progressions without Music Theory - Introducing Chords

March 28, 2024 | Soundtrap

Chords instrument UI in Soundtrap

As part of our continuous mission to simplify music creation for everyone, we’re thrilled to unveil the latest addition to the studio: Chords. 

Seamlessly integrated into the platform's array of instruments, and complementing the piano roll and keyboard, Chords offers a dynamic solution for producers and songwriters seeking to effortlessly generate professional-grade chord progressions. 

Playing an instrument has traditionally required some knowledge of music theory or proficiency with musical notes. But not anymore! Chords in Soundtrap empowers users to construct captivating chords that sound great and with ease. 

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Generate chords in 3 quick steps

Soundtrap's new Chord instrument has three easy settings: start by selecting a preferred set; Basic, EDM, or Hip Hop. Secondly, choose your playing style from a wide range of alternatives. Finally, set the song key. Chords will autonomously suggest chord progressions from these settings and let you pick the ones you like in sequence and insert them into your project. 

"Chords" not only simplifies the creative process but also ensures the uninterrupted flow of inspiration in every session. By instantly providing you with unique chords, you can focus on the broader vision of your compositions, rather than getting bogged down in technical details.

Whether you're grappling with creative block or seeking quick bursts of inspiration, Chords catalyzes innovation. Its ability to spark new ideas and chord progressions fosters the development of remarkable songs and compositions within the Soundtrap studio.

Chords is not a substitute for creativity; it's a facilitator. It streamlines the initial stages of song creation and lets you infuse your personal touch into the chord structure and sound shaping, ensuring authenticity and individuality.

This revolutionizing feature is now available on Soundtrap's “Music Makers” and “Complete” plans. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of chord creation. Dive into the studio today and experience the transformative power of Chords firsthand!

*Chords is part of our New Feature Friday Rollout, where we’re releasing one new feature every Friday for 4 weeks. 

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