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Producing a Hip-Hop/Trap Beat with Noize London

May 2, 2023

Bucket Beats Challenge: Producing a Hip-Hop/Trap Beat with Noize London

Making a Hip-Hop/Trap Beat Using Soundtrap with Noize London

@NoizeLondon a.k.a Fabio is a songwriter, producer, and mixing/mastering engineer from London with over 15 years of professional experience dedicated to helping musicians accelerate their growth in all areas of the industry.

Noize started his musical journey exploring the pop and deep-house arena as a singer-songwriter and producer. He began taking music production classes and eventually become a full-time audio engineer.

We asked the talented music producer and audio engineer to take on our latest Bucket Beats Challenge. In this video, Noize is tasked to produce a hip-hop/trap beat while incorporating our 808 (with glide) instrument and samples from our Pesado sound pack into his project. Watch him break down the creative process and hear the final outcome!

Access the same project in Soundtrap that Noize is working on and make your own beat from the project.

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