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Coins: Hyper Pop Loops, Drums, and Samples

Glitchy, heavy, aggressive - create stunning Hyper Pop with premade loops!

Cover image of the Coins Hyper Pop Sound Pack

Ignite your music production with Hyper Pop loops and drums kits

Are you looking to take your music production to the next level? The Coins sound pack brings Hyper Pop to the Soundtrap Studio. With this wide selection of unique and innovative sounds, you can create energizing beats that will stand out from anything else out there.

Inspired by gaming and pop culture - the glitchy textures, heavy bass plucks and aggressive drums in Coins will make you want to play until you reach the next level. The Coin sound pack has something for every producer and allows you to create thrilling and electrifying tunes in no time. Get full access today on the Music Makers and Complete plans in Soundtrap.

This sound pack includes:

258 loops

2 drum kits

1 demo project (for inspirational purposes only - may not be used as your own content or distributed outside of Soundtrap)

A new wave of pop music: Hyper Pop takes over the music scene

Hyper Pop is a new subgenre of music that has emerged in the last few years and has quickly become very popular. It is a combination of different genres of music, such as pop, hip-hop, EDM, and R&B, that have been blended together to create a unique and exciting sound.

Hyper Pop has been embraced by many artists, both established and up-and-coming, who have created distinctive songs that feature its signature sound. It is characterized by an upbeat tempo, hard-hitting beats, and ethereal synths that give it an otherworldly feel.

The genre is often described as being futuristic, experimental, and highly energetic. It has taken the music industry by storm and has become a favorite among fans and music lovers alike. Get started with your Hyper Pop production today on Soundtrap!

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