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Toast: Dancehall Sound Pack with Loops & Samples

Polyrhythms, smooth grooves & dreamy synths

The cover art for Toast Sound Pack by Soundtrap

Make your own Dancehall beats and songs with Soundtrap

From the depths of Jamaica, with its roots in reggae music, Dancehall music is filled with fast-paced rhythms and heavy basslines to fill up any dancefloor.

With energetic polyrhythms, smooth grooves and dreamy synths - Toast is the first Dancehall pack in the Soundtrap studio. Full access to these sounds on the Music Makers and Complete plans.

 This sound pack includes:

  • 147 loops

  • 1 demo project (for inspirational purposes only - may not be used as your own content or distributed outside of Soundtrap)

Discover the high-energy beats and vibrant culture of Dancehall

Dancehall originated in Jamaica in the late 1970s and is characterized by its distinctive high-energy polyrhythms with strong basslines, smooth grooves, and soothing top melodies.

The genre evolved from reggae music, but features a more uptempo beat, and often incorporates electronic instrumentation. The lyrical content of dancehall music ranges from social and political commentary to themes of romance, partying, and dancing.

Dancehall has been hugely influential on popular music globally and has been incorporated into other genres such as hip-hop, EDM, and pop. The genre has produced a number of notable artists, including Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, and Sean Paul.

Today, dancehall remains a popular genre both in Jamaica and around the world, with artists continuing to innovate and experiment within the genre.

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