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Smooth Out Your Vocals with The New De-Esser Effect from Soundtrap

December 4, 2023 | Soundtrap

A woman singing into a mic with the Soundtrap de-esser interface effect in the foreground

Looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of those piercing “SSS” and “TTT” sounds in your vocals? Want your final mix to give an all-around smooth and pleasant listening experience? Then look no further! 

Now in the Soundtrap studio, there is a way to tame the harshest and more unpleasant frequencies in your vocals, allowing for a more balanced mix and a more polished and professional sound. 

Say goodbye to sibilance

Introducing the new De-Esser by Soundtrap. This vocal mixing effect is the key to getting your recordings to sit smoothly by removing unwanted and annoying sibilance with just a couple of settings. 

Sibilance refers to the hissing or harsh sound produced by certain consonants, primarily S and T, when recorded into a microphone. This is a common issue in audio production and makes it difficult to blend a singer or rapper’s vocals with instrumental music when mixing. 

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What does a de-esser do?

A De-Esser is an audio processing tool designed to specifically target and reduce sibilance in vocal recordings. The De-Esser works by detecting specific sibilance frequencies in your voice and meticulously reduces those sounds, leaving the rest of the vocal audio untouched. The outcome is a more natural-sounding and smoother vocal recording.

Put on some headphones and listen to the examples below. Notice how the S-sounds and T-sounds are tamed and sound smoother after Soundtrap's De-Esser has been applied.

Key features

At Soundtrap, we pride ourselves on making music production simple, yet powerful. The new De-Esser aligns with our vision as we’ve created yet another mixing tool that solves audio issues quickly and efficiently, without requiring any deep knowledge or prior experience from our users. 

Enjoy effortless sibilance reduction with the De-Esser’s simple but powerful UX. 

Frequency Control: Fine-tune the De-Esser slider control to identify the frequencies with the most sibilance. This setting allows you to apply De-Esser to any singer or rapper, regardless of their vocal characteristics. 

Threshold Control: Adjust the amount of reduction you want to apply to your vocals. The lower you set the threshold bar, the more effect the De-Esser will have on the chosen frequency range.

Real-time Monitoring: Experience instant audio feedback to apply the optimal amount of De-Essing to your vocals.

LED Metering: Visually monitor the effect of the De-Esser through the 4-level LED meter. The meter will instantly light up when the De-Esser activates.


The De-Esser effect is now available to all Premium Soundtrap users, adding another powerful tool to the extensive array of mixing tools in the world’s first online music studio. 

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