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The Complete Online DAW for Music Production

Our all-in-one Digital Audio Workstation for beginners and pros alike. Completely online with top-grade features that let you collaborate live across all platforms.

Image showcasing Soundtrap's studio on mobile and desktop
Person mixing music in Soundtrap on their laptop

The Online DAW for beginners and pros

If you’re new to making music, Soundtrap is the perfect music production software to help you get started. Its intuitive studio layout + 100s of demo templates and instrument presets will fire up your inspiration and have you making streaming-ready songs in no time.

Collage of eight music instruments available in the Soundtrap Studio

900+ virtual instruments and sounds

Looking for a particular drumkit or bass sound to shape the vibe of your next hit? The Soundtrap Studio comes equipped with 100s of awesome instruments and sounds — everything from synths and organs to 808s and rock guitars.

Create & edit MIDI — record audio or import your own files

Build your own chord progression and melodies with any instrument preset. Soundtrap’s piano roll sequencer is easy to use with endless possibilities to create and edit MIDI.

Easily record your live instruments or vocals inside the studio. Connect your audio interface to Soundtrap and hook up your sound from any source. You can also import audio files from other DAWs or recordings.

Soundtrap's Vocal Tuner plugin in dark mode

Perfect your vocals with Soundtrap's Vocal Tuner

Want to produce clear and crisp vocals like the pros? Soundtrap comes integrated with an easy-to-use Vocal Tuner plugin — Automatically pitch correct your vocals in seconds.

Soundtrap capture app on a mobile phone with a music project opened up

Create anywhere, anytime with the Soundtrap App

The Soundtrap Studio App provides a simple and quick way to record and develop music ideas collaboratively on mobile. So when and wherever creativity strikes, you’re ready to start building out your song directly in the studio from your phone.

Soundtrap Originals Cover art of four different sound packs

Explore over 20 000 loops & samples

Enter our extensive loops library where you’ll find premade beats, loops, samples and sounds to get started with. Our Sound Packs are created by some of the top music producers in the industry and come in every genre.

Close up software preview of the Pattern Beat Maker

Beats made easy with Patterns Beatmaker

The ultimate online sequencer for making beats and programming drum loops! Get full access to Patterns Beatmaker with over 100 premade drum kits, percussion sounds, and drum loops.

An image of soundtrap plugins EQ and Compressor

Mix your tracks with Soundtrap Effects

EQs, Compressors, Reverbs, Automation. A complete toolkit of effects and plugins that will let you shape your sound to greatness. With Soundtrap, getting a perfectly balanced mix has never been easier.

An image of the Soundtrap studio features

Collaborate live across any platform

Produce, record, and mix any of your songs with your friends. Share your project through a simple link directly from the Soundtrap Studio and collaborate in real-time through text or video chat – no matter what device you work on.

With unlimited cloud storage

No need to worry about saving your projects and transferring files between devices. You should be making music instead! With Soundtrap, your music is safely stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere, with auto-save and time restore available.

Choose your plan today!

Soundtrap offers a FREE plan as well as paid subscriptions. Visit our pricing page for more information on what’s best suited to your needs.