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Winston: The Complete Jungle Beats Sound Pack

Create electrifying Jungle beats with Winston: The complete Jungle sound pack. Dive into a collection of drum breaks, basslines, and hooks - all designed to ignite your productions.

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Packed with brand-new breakbeats, earth-shaking basslines, and infectious hooks for your next Jungle anthems! Introducing Winston: The essential collection of Jungle samples and loops to inject pure fire straight into your Soundtrap projects.

Dive deep into the lush wilderness of sound with Winston — your passport to the untamed realm of jungle beats. Let the rhythms of the wild guide your creations as you explore this vibrant sonic landscape.

The Winston Jungle Beats Sound Pack includes 135 loops and samples in total.*

Check out the sound pack demo below and open it up in the studio to keep working on the project and access all the Jungle sounds in Soundtrap.

A Crash Course in Jungle Music

Jungle is a high-energy genre of electronic music that emerged from the UK rave scene in the early 1990s. If you crave breakneck beats, rumbling basslines, and infectious samples, then Jungle is the sonic safari for you.

Here's what makes Jungle music distinct

  • Fast and Furious Beats: Jungle is all about breakbeats – chopped-up drum loops played at breakneck speeds. Imagine amping up a classic drum solo and weaving it into a pulsating dance track. That's the Jungle spirit!

  • Sub-Bass that Rattles Your Core: Deep, driving basslines are the backbone of Jungle. These low-end monsters create a physical sensation that gets your body moving and your heart pounding.

  • Reggae and Dancehall Infusion: Jungle doesn't forget its roots. Samples and influences from reggae and dancehall add a layer of cool vibes and infectious melodies to the mix.

  • A Touch of Hip-Hop and Funk: The breakbeats often come from sampling old funk and soul records, giving Jungle a dose of classic hip-hop swagger.

Jump in the studio today to access the Winston Sound Pack and get started on your Jungle Beat journey.

*All sounds available on the Music Maker and Complete Plans.

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