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Best Lo-Fi Hip Hop Sound Packs in Soundtrap 2024

January 12, 2024 — Step up your Lo-Fi production arsenal this year! Check out the best and latest Lo-fi hip-hop sounds and samples available in Soundtrap. Preview and access all packs below.

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In the ever-evolving realm of beat-making and music production, the charm and allure of Lo-Fi Hip Hop continue to captivate creators around the globe. 

If you're delving into the world of Lo-Fi production on Soundtrap in 2024, you're in for a treat! In this blog post, we'll explore the latest and greatest— the "must-have" Lo-Fi Hip Hop sound packs that can effortlessly elevate your beats to new heights. Uncover a sonic palette brimming with warmth, character, and creativity as we delve into the best sounds, samples, one-shots, and loops Soundtrap offers for your Lo-Fi Hip Hop journey. 

Whether you're a seasoned producer or just embarking on your musical expedition, these sound packs are poised to inspire and enrich your creative process. Let's dive in and discover the sonic wonders that await in the realm of Lo-Fi on Soundtrap!

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Preview the demo project of each sound pack below, and click on “Open in studio” to access the demo project with all loops and sounds in the Soundtrap studio.


First out is the BUSHWICK pack! Lo-fi, blue sky, boom bap, smooth rap. Bushwick brings you old-school hip hop tracks, made in the heart of Brooklyn for that Big Apple atmosphere.

This sound pack includes:

150 loops


Raccoon is the sound pack for those in love with true lo-fi. These sounds have been sampled and re-sampled through actual chrome tape, chopped and sliced to create saturated, worn-down beats and chord progressions.

This is all yours:

85 loops

2 kits

1 instrument


Throwback to the tracks that pioneered the techniques still used in modern Hip Hop. Many of which originated from making the most of what was available.

Neighborhood has a plethora of Reversed, Chopped, and Resampled loops and sounds reminiscent of the old school we know and love. Familiar with a fresh zing.

This sound pack includes:

147 loops


Crate Pianos Textbooks out of class, time to get into a creative flow. Reminiscing the past times in school, with the world’s soundtrack of studying montages, Crate Piano brings you the best of Lo-fi Hip Hop to the studio.

Low-key but downright beautiful pianos with enveloping warm bass and additional lo-fi takes of each serve as an instant route to your newest lo-fi track. Get inspired and take a deep breath, this is all about the vibe. 

This sound pack includes:

122 loops


Neon Tape Noise once a necessary evil in recordings, is now a necessary good to emulate the vibe of Lo-fi. An emulation of the past, with a new twist, Neon tape brings the tempo down, warm pianos, drums with a steady pulse, and textured melodies. Sit back, and enjoy.

This sound pack includes:

150 loops

Have fun creating your next beat!

For more sounds and loops from Soundtrap. Visit our Soundtrap Originals page here.

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