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Craft the Perfect Drum Beat with Soundtrap’s Auto-Generative Smart Dummer

April 12, 2024 | Soundtrap

Smart Drummer UI in Soundtrap

We’re excited to introduce the latest innovation in part of our New Feature Friday series: Smart Drummer. A time-saving and helpful complement to Soundtrap's popular drum sequencer Patterns Beatmaker.

The auto-generative Smart Drummer opens up a world of possibilities for both producers and songwriters, allowing them to effortlessly generate MIDI drum patterns and innovative grooves across a variety of genres.

The Smart Drummer lets you generate editable MIDI sequences with incredible ease from your favorite styles and genres, including Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Jersey Trap, and House.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the intuitiveness of the Smart Drummer makes it easy to achieve dynamic and professional drum sequences that pack a punch.

A generative drum machine without lost creativity

What sets the Smart Drummer apart from our loops library is its customizable parameters and settings. Not only are you able to retroactively edit the generated drum pattern in the MIDI editor, but you can also add your personal touch to the Smart Drummer with its creative settings.

Want to switch up the halftime/full-time pattern? No problem. 

Need to dial in the complexity or adjust the loudness? You're in control. 

Plus, with the ability to add drum fills at the end of each bar and humanize the playing style, you can put your unique stamp on every beat.

Designed for producers and songwriters who crave creative control without the hassle of planning and recording instruments, the Smart Drummer is the perfect solution.

Whether you're looking to break free from pre-made loops in our sound library or use it as a starting point for ideation, our Smart Drummer has you covered.

Smart Drummer UI showing the drum instruments

Key features of the Smart Drummer include

  • Easy-to-use interface for generating MIDI drum patterns and grooves

  • Ideal for beginners and advanced users alike

  • Streamlined creation of drum patterns straight to MIDI for full editing capabilities

  • Learn the patterns of your favorite genres with ease

The Smart Drummer is now available to all Soundtrap Premium users, offering an exciting new way to craft the perfect drum beats. Join us today and unleash your creativity with Soundtrap’s auto-generative Smart Drummer.

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