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RE/MAKE: Re-Create Drake's 'Push Ups' Beat in Soundtrap

Recreate Drake's battle track from his beef with Kendrick Lamar. Follow the tutorial on this page and access the finished project in the Soundtrap studio.

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Learn how to make Drake-type beats with dark trap elements, perfect for battle raps and diss tracks.

'Push Ups’ was produced by Boy-1da and released in 2024 as part of the back-and-forth beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The track was a response to Kendrick Lamar's remarks in the Future & Metro Boomin feature 'Like That', where Kendrick went after both Drake and J Cole in his lyrics.

'Push Ups' has racked up millions of streams since its release. We’ve teamed up with Danish producer Fabian Mazur to remake the Drake banger using Soundtrap’s.

Recreate the song from scratch by following the tutorial or access the finished project in the Soundtrap studio to add your personal touch to the beat. Let's jump into the studio and get started!

How to re/Make Drake's 'Push Ups' with Fabian Mazur

Step 1: Start with drums

This is a fairly easy Trap drum pattern. Start with the kick, then the snare, and then hi-hats. Use EQ and other effects to get them sounding as close to the original as possible.

Step 2: Get the 808 bass going

Soundtrap's 808 Bass instrument is perfect for creating Trap bass lines. In 'Push Ups', the bass hits on the same note as the kick drum, so follow the same pattern as your kick drum track.

Step 3: Sequence out the piano

The main piano is a simple enough chord progression to figure out yourself. Pick the Solemn Upright Piano in Soundtrap's instrument library and see if you can find the right chords and then plot it out in the piano roll. Make sure to mix it using the Tape Wobbler and EQ to get the right sound.

Step 4: Add the string note

Fabian uses the String Ensemble in Soundtrap to recreate the ominous string sound in 'Push Ups'. Find the right note and again, mix it with the Tape Wobbler and EQ.

Step 5: Play the second string pattern

Later in the song, an open Hi-Hat and darker strings come in. You can duplicate the same string instrument from before and figure out the chords used in the melody.

Step 6: Layer the strings with a cello for effect

Fabian adds a cello to the string ensemble to create an even darker vibe in the track. Make sure to take out the low frequencies using an EQ.

Step 7: Add the open hi-hat

Here we use an open hat from the Munchies Sound Pack in Soundtrap. Sequence it the same as in 'Push Ups' and add some reverb to put it farther back in the mix.

There you have it. For more tutorials on how to remake famous songs, visit our remake page or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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