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Summer Thursday Release: Get Creative with Your Mix Using Mod Delay

June 29, 2023

UI Image of the Mod Delay plugin in Soundtrap

Online music studio Soundtrap is rolling out new music-making features over the coming weeks so you can create the ultimate song of summer!

To better enable music makers around the world to create professional-sounding songs easily, Soundtrap is adding 5 new mixing effects to the studio for all users, including new distortion effects, delay, and an intuitive, visual EQ. It’s week two of Summer Thursdays, and we’re continuing the gift of giving by introducing a brand new delay effect in the studio.

Introducing: The Mod Delay

‌Mod Delay is a creative mixing tool that creates a “modulated” delay effect. This effect plugin combines the traditional delay, used on tracks like keys, strings, and vocals, with a modulation effect that automatically pitches the delayed signal up and down in various octaves. This adds a dynamic and interesting texture to the original signal and allows for more creativity in the mix. 

Try adding the Mod Delay to your vocals for some interesting depth and space. Set the time stamp and feedback to your liking, turn up the Modulation knob, and listen as your sound starts dancing around in your headphones. Adjust your settings to perfection, and then crank up the volume!

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The Mod Delay comes with modulation and stereo width settings that let users create unique audio designs within their mix and add more movement to the overall soundscape. This is the most versatile delay effect yet in the Soundtrap studio. With additional parameters that let you control time stamps, feedback, and EQ, the Mod Delay is a powerful tool for producers and artists of all levels to enhance their mixing abilities and create professional-sounding songs. 

As always with Soundtrap’s effect series, the Mod Delay is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with a simple interface and comprehensive settings, so that you can get started with your music-making right away.

Summer Thursday Rollout

Jun 22, 2023: Juicy Distortion & Crusher

Jun 29, 2023: Mod Delay

Jul 6, 2023: Visual EQ

Jul 13, 2023: Tape Wobble

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