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Summer Thursdays: Get Cleaner Mixes with Soundtrap’s new Visual EQ

July 6, 2023

Image of the Visual EQ interface in Soundtrap Studio

As part of our Summer Thursdays release series, we’re proud to announce our latest new feature in the studio: The Visual EQ. This unprecedented effect plugin in Soundtrap introduces an intuitive and sleek 5-band parametric equalizer, allowing users to clean up any audio track or entire mixes with greater ease than ever before.

The Visual EQ adds a third equalizer plugin to the Soundtrap effects library and is the first of its kind to offer a visual interface. This new equalizer comes with live audio wave metering so that you can visually see which frequencies stick out and need to be tamed or enhanced. 

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Try using the Visual EQ on your vocals to cut some of the lower frequencies, or use it on your snare drum to boost some of the high ends to make it stick out more in the mix. Sound shaping with the Visual EQ makes mixing easier and more intuitive, allowing for more control and flexibility.

Parametric EQ for better precision

The parametric abilities of the EQ let you control any audio frequency on the spectrum and adjust each band’s parameters to your liking, including Center Frequency, Gain (boost or cut), and Q (bandwidth). The 5-band EQ consists of 1 Lowpass/Low-shelf filter, 1 High-shelf/highpass filter, and 3 bell-shaped filters, all with adjustable bandwidth (Q) controls.

This makes Visual EQ an invaluable tool for audio engineers and music producers who need to adjust their sound with more precision and flexibility. It's also especially helpful for those who are just starting out in audio production, as the interface’s visual elements make it easier to understand the effects of different EQ settings. 

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Soundtrap's Visual EQ plugin in front of the studio interface on a laptop

The Visual EQ is a 5-band parametric equalizer available in the Soundtrap Studio

Access the Visual EQ completely online

The Visual EQ joins the more static Parametric EQ and Graphic EQ in the Soundtrap online studio, creating an even larger range of mixing tools for users to achieve their desired sound without having to download any software.

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With the addition of the Visual EQ, Soundtrap is one of the first online digital audio workstations (DAW) to offer a visual parametric equalizer, making the platform even more powerful and easy to use for hobbyists and professionals alike.

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