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Gear Up for Metal May: Soundtrap Just Unleashed 2 New Metal Sound Packs

May 22, 2024 | Soundtrap

Metal May Cover Image

Prepare to unleash your inner shredder this May! Soundtrap is stoked to celebrate the rich history of Heavy Metal with the release of two brand-new metal sound packs in our online studio.

To accompany the previously released Metal Pack “Explorer”, we’re finally dropping some new heavy metal heat to add to your sonic arsenal. For metal fans and hardcore enthusiasts everywhere, we’re proud to announce Metal May with two new slashing sound packs: “Kontrol” (Trap Metal/NU Metal) and “Thermite” (Metalcore).

Click on the links below to access the demo projects for each sound pack in Soundtrap. 

Crank the distortion with Trap Metal insanity: "Kontrol" 

First out in Metal May is a potent NU Metal pack fusing modern Trap influences with bone-crushing metal. "Kontrol" delivers a heavy arsenal of slamming drums, razor-sharp guitar riffs, pounding basslines, and even heavy metal vocals to ignite your next mosh pit anthem.

Get ready to melt your speakers with the Metalcore inferno:  "Thermite"

Need something more searing? Then get ready to melt the speakers with "Thermite," our metalcore sound pack overflowing with ferocious guitar riffs, relentless double bass drumming, and gut-wrenching vocals.

At Soundtrap, we're dedicated to empowering musicians of all genres. These new packs are just the latest additions to our ever-expanding sound library, designed to spark your creativity and get you started on your next metal masterpiece in no time.

Ready to forge your sonic weapon? Gear up for Metal May with Soundtrap!

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