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Step Up Your Beatmaking Using 808 Bass with Glide

Make harder-sounding Trap, Drill, Hip Hop, and more with Soundtrap's 808 with Glide instrument!

An image showing the 808 with glide instrument and keyboard.

Give your bass sound that 2023 feel using 808 with Glide

Did you ever wonder where that bendy, deep sub-bass comes from in modern Drill, Trap, and Hip Hop? The answer is a gliding 808, also referred to as Pitch Bend, 808 Slide, and 808 bass glissando or portamento.

The sound originated from 80s drummachines but has exploded in the last five years in almost every genre.

Soundtrap offers a wide variety of 808 glide presets, all available in the Soundrap Studio. Try it out for yourself!

Musician in the studio working on 808 with glide in Soundtrap

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Preset library showing 808 with Glides settings

40+ high quality 808 presets

Soundtrap offers a large library of 40+ high quality, hard -hitting 808s. Each one has a different balance of Glide, Saturation, Attack & Release.

Pick a preset and play or tweak it to suit your musical taste. Whether you’re making UK Drill, Pop, or House Beats, the 808 with Glide has a sound for every genre.

Mixing knobs on Soundtrap 808 with glide

No more tweaking 100s of knobs in a synth

No need to buy expensive VST plugins to add that gritty Drill bass to your beats. And no more endless tweaking to get the perfect 808 sound. We believe in high-quality sounds at your fingertips, so when creativity strikes, you are able to ride it!

Ready-to-play and customizable presets with 5 of the most important knobs. Simple, yet powerful.

808 bass grid in Soundtrap studio

Some tips on 808 with Glide creation:

  1. Overlap, overlap, overlap. The key to a glide is when one note overlaps the other. Try this with both short and long MIDI notes for different vibes!

  2. Always pick notes from the scale you are in (C Major etc).

  3. End a sequence gliding onto the 5th note of your scale to help build tension and make the drop even harder! (Music theory is fun?)

Watch Hip Hop producer Jay Cactus produce a UK Drill beat using 808 with Glide in Soundtrap.

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