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How To Make Dark Trap Beats With Fabian Mazur

January 19, 2023 | Soundtrap

In this tutorial, Fabian Mazur guides you through the process of producing Dark Trap beats using Soundtrap's powerful online music studio.

Whether you're a seasoned music producer or just starting your journey, this tutorial is designed to inspire and elevate your music production game in Trap music.

How to produce Dark Trap Music in 7 steps

Step 1: Set the tempo (BPM)

For Trap music, 130-150 bpm is a good starting point.

Step 2: Find a melody loop

Open up the Hush Sound Pack in Soundtrap's Loops tab. Or check out any of the 25K loops available in Soundtrap. Just search Trap in the search bar and explore the sounds that show up.

Step 3: Sample some vocals

Open up the Sampler in Soundtrap and drag in a vocal sample from the loops library.

Step 4: Add percussion and build a beat

Browse through the Hush packs for some sick Trap drums to use, or open up Patterns Beatmaker to create a new drum beat from one of Soundtrap's drum kits.

Step 4: Add a bassline using 808 with Glide

Soundtrap's 808 with Glide is perfect for Trap and Drill beats. Play around with the different instrument settings in this tool and make sure the notes glide over each other.

Step 5: Create a song structure

Use your different tracks of instruments to build out a structure with an Intro, verses, bridges, and hooks. This makes it easier for rappers to jump on the beat and perform.

Step 6: Add build-ups and transitions

This helps to add excitement to the beat. Try different build-up effects from the Hush Sound Pack and add them between verses and hooks.

Step 7: Mix and add effects

Use the common mixing effects in Soundtrap, like EQ, Compressor, and Reverb to create a vibrant and balanced mix. To learn how to mix in Soundtrap, check out or article on how to mix music online.

There it is! Have fun creating and make sure to share your music with us once it's done! Access Fabian's demo project:

Try the HUSH sound pack:

Get started with Soundtrap today!