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Effortless AI-Powered Noise Reduction with Soundtrap’s New Vocal Cleanup

October 24, 2023 / Soundtrap

A UI image of the new Soundtrap Vocal Cleanup

Get ready to take your vocal production to the next level with the launch of Vocal Cleanup (Powered by AI), the newest addition to Soundtrap’s vocal effect tools. 

With newly developed AI technology, the Vocal Cleanup simplifies noise reduction for vocal recordings and eliminates unwanted background noise more accurately than ever before.

This new feature will let you achieve studio-quality vocals at home and forever end disruptive background noise within your tracks.

The Vocal Cleanup presents an intuitive interface allowing users to easily reduce disturbances with a single click of a button. This functionality automatically addresses and fixes common recording issues, such as background noises from air conditioning, street traffic, and computer sounds, that can compromise the quality of vocal recordings. 

Additionally, Vocal Cleanup comes with a real-time A/B testing feature, which enables a smooth comparison between the original and improved vocal signal.

Check out the Vocal Cleanup in action below.

In the rap vocals below, a humming fridge in the studio made its way into the recording. Listen to hear the Vocal Cleanup fix the problem.

Removing background noise for vocalists and podcasters

This new tool serves as a valuable asset for vocal producers and podcasters dealing with unwanted background noise during recording sessions. 

Whether it's the hum of a fan, the ambient noise of poor plumbing, or unexpected external disturbances such as sirens or construction work, Vocal Cleanup offers a solution for each case.

So forget about having to do multiple retakes and get used to high-quality vocal recordings, wherever your studio space is located.

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AI-powered vocal enhancer - a new day for noise reduction

Traditional noise reduction tools in the past have had a tendency to negatively affect the original vocal signal. This is partly due to the removal of frequencies closest to the noise disturbance, and therefore also removing the same frequencies from the vocal signal. 

Vocal Cleanup by Soundtrap takes an advanced approach to reducing noise by employing AI technology.

By utilizing a generative AI model, this feature intelligently detects and removes background noise without compromising the integrity of the original vocal recording.

This innovative method ensures minimal distortion and maximum vocal clarity, even in complex audio environments, setting a new standard for efficient and precise noise reduction.

Soundtrap's Vocal Cleanup (Powered by AI) continues to demonstrate our commitment to providing seamless and accessible solutions for high-quality online music production. This way, you can achieve a professional sound, wherever you are.

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