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Jersey Club Sound Pack: 139 New Loops and Samples

Cover art to the Jersey Club sound pack in Soundtrap

Looking to produce some next-level Jersey Club beats? The "Jersey" pack in Soundtrap is available now. 139 brand-new Jersey Club loops and samples ready to start cooking with instantly!

This pack includes all the classic elements that make up the distinct Jersey Club vibe: Triplet kick patterns, chopped and distorted vocal samples, bouncy grooves, and much much more.

Step into the heart of Brick City and capture the essence of this electrifying genre, it's a sonic journey through energetic beats and infectious rhythms.

Elevate your tracks with the unmistakable sounds that define Jersey Club and infuse your music with some authentic East Coast bounce.

Access the pack now to unleash the true Jersey sound in your beat productions!

*This sound pack includes a total of 139 loops and sounds. Available in Soundtrap on the Music Makers and Complete plans.

What is Jersey Club?

Jersey Club is a subgenre of electronic dance music that first started popping up in Newark, New Jersey, back in the early 2000s.

It can be described as a mix between house, hip hop, and Baltimore club music, with super fast beats and a very distinct and infectious kick drum pattern. This tripled kick pattern creates the special bounce that sets Jersey Club apart from similar dance genres.

Think energetic loops, repetitive vocal samples, and a rhythm that just makes you want to move. It started underground in New Jersey and quickly spread across the Trisstate Area. Today, it has become a major influence on mainstream music, specifically hip-hop and R&B, with top artists like Drake, Ice Spice, Kanye, and Bad Bunny incorporating the sound into their songs.

So, if you're into creating beats for the clubs, and want something with a unique vibe, the "Jersey" pack in Soundtrap is definitely worth checking out!

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