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Fabian Mazur: How to Create Hyperpop Music in Soundtrap

November 28, 2023 | Soundtrap

How to Create Hyperpop Music in Soundtrap with Fabian Mazur (Beginner Tutorial)

In our latest Creator Tutorial video, renowned artist and music producer @FabianMazur dives into the vibrant world of Hyperpop music using Soundtrap. In this tutorial, Fabian, who is known for his cutting-edge production skills and innovative approach to music, will guide you through the process step-by-step using Soundtrap's powerful online music studio. Whether you're a seasoned music producer or just starting your journey, this tutorial is designed to inspire and elevate your music production game.

Access Fabian's project in Soundtrap

Try the Flimmer sound pack

What is Hyperpop music?

Hyperpop is a genre of music characterized by its experimental and futuristic sound, often blending elements of EDM, pop, hip-hop, and other genres. It emerged in the 2010s and gained popularity for its unconventional production techniques, use of high-pitched vocals, glitchy effects, noise, and hyperactive beats.

Make a Hyper Pop beat - step by step

1. Start with loops from the Flimmer Sound Pack (Optional)

Soundtrap has an amazing new Sound Pack called Flimmer. This pack comes with a variety of Hyper Pop premade loops and instrument one-shots. Browse through the sound in Soundtrap's loops library and drag in the ones you like. Don't forget to set the tempo and key for the project.

2. Add your own MIDI instruments

Soundtrap comes with hundreds of instrument presets and a MIDI piano roll. Fabian recommends using a plucked synth for Hyperpop. In this video, he chooses the 8-bit Pluck Organ available in Soundtrap.

3. Add distortion effects to your instruments

Hyperpop comes with lots of distortion and glitching. Pick the Fuzz and Clipper effects in Soundtrap, or try some of the other plugins available to you.

Adding a Flanger, Chorus, and Auto Pan, as Fabian does to his synth, will also add some nice vibes to your beat.

Add Soundtrap's new visual EQ to tame any annoying peaks and cut some of the low end out to leave room for the bass.

Finally, pick a Reverb in the Soundtrap effects library and adjust the room setting to your liking.

4. Play out your chords

Compose your melody on top of the existing loops and quantize your MIDI notes to fit the rhythm of the track.

5. Add drums

Pick some drum loops from the Flimmer Sound Pack and see what fits, or create your own drum grooves using Patterns Beatmaker. Add appropriate effects to your drums to make them distorted and hard-punching for more of a Hyperpop vibe.

6. Add an 808 bass line

Hyperpop uses lots of 808s and the bass line is no different. Flimmer has amazing 808 bass sounds that you can add and EQ/distort to your liking. If you want to add your own 808 flare, try pulling up the 808 with Glide instrument in Soundtrap and plot out your own MIDI notes.

7. Incorporate sound effects and atmospheric noise

To create a more interesting listening experience, try adding some eerie sounds from the Flimmer pack and keep them low in the background. Cut them up to only appear in instances to keep the listener guessing.

8. Structure your song and adjust the final mix

Add an intro using a completely different loop or melody, slowly build up the beat until the drums and 808 bass hit, and alternate the beat between verses and chorus.

Level your volume faders so that each element sits right in the mix and can be heard. Add EQ and compression where needed and bounce the track when you feel done.

Don't forget to access Fabian's project in Soundtrap and continue building on his beat.

The Flimmer Sound Pack is available in the Soundtrap Studio today!

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