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Bad Snacks x Spotify Singles x Soundtrap Originals

New Loops & One-Shots from Lo-Fi Producer Bad Snacks

Press release image for Bad Snacks' new sound pack in Soundtrap

Take your lo-fi production game to the next level with signature sounds from Bad Snacks

The first collaboration with renowned producer Bad Snacks brings lo-fi into the studio with her own twist. Straight from Spotify’s Studio in LA, this pack is full of lush, vintage textures and spicy drums recorded from historical synths, classic 808s, and some fresh strings from Bad Snacks’ 100-year-old violin.

This sound pack includes:

  • 28 loops

  • 52 one-shots

Full access to the Bad Snacks pack is available on the Music Makers and Complete plans.

Bad Snacks x Spotify Singles

Spotify invited Bad Snacks into the Studios in LA to work with a number of talented engineers and musicians to create her own samples, and then use them in a pair of new Spotify Singles—the dreamy, nostalgic reimagining of the New Radicals hit "You Get What You Give," as well as an original track, the ethereal, lo-fi beat-heavy “Technicolor”. Listen to her new Spotify Singles tracks to inspire your creations in the Soundtrap Studio. 

About the producer

Bad Snacks is an electronic/experimental hip-hop producer & artist from the US. 

Rich with lo-fi and dance influences, her song catalog offers a soundscape of lush strings, driving basslines, and hard-hitting grooves. After going viral on Andrew Huang’s “4 Producers” challenge, Bad Snacks released several instrumental beat tapes that garnered an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response, amassing millions of streams. 

Her dedication to her fans and other music makers to exploring their creativity remains unwavering as she launches her sound pack in the Studio to help take your lo-fi production to the next level. All you need to do is open the Soundtrap studio and search for "Bad Snacks" in the Soundtrap loops library. Try it out now!

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