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Presenting Drill December: Holiday Drill Packs & Beat Challenge

December 1, 2023 | Soundtrap

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As 2023 comes to a close, Soundtrap is excited to wrap up an explosive year with Drill December, a tribute to one of the most beloved genres, currently being explored and crafted with passion by our vibrant community of music makers. 

Soundtrap currently offers a variety of Drill Sound Packs and Instruments, like our UK Drill-infused packs: Brixton and Desert (by Jay Cactus) and our 808 Bass with Glide synth. We also offer 100s of drum presets and 1000s of sound effects, perfect for producing Trap and Drill Hip Hop. 

Two brand new & exclusive Drill Sound Packs

To celebrate Drill December, we are releasing two new Drill packs as part of our bi-weekly Soundtrap Originals series.

These sound packs will undoubtedly elevate your beat-making and Drill production to the next level. Filled with the latest sounds, loops, and samples from the world of Drill, these packs are guaranteed to spark the creativity of both new and seasoned Soundtrap users.

Listen to the demo of each sound pack below, and open up the packs in the studio to make them your own.

Holiday Drill Beat Challenge with Jay Cactus

As part of Drill December, Soundtrap is teaming up with Jay Cactus – one of the most influential producers in the UK drill scene –  to create a holiday-themed UK drill beat that combines the dark, energetic, and gritty essence of Drill with festive elements that capture the spirit of the season.

The Jay Cactus Holiday beat is now available for users to access in Soundtrap, allowing them to build on, remix, or add vocals. Watch the video breakdown of how Cactus produced the beat and click the link below to access the project in Soundtrap.

Jay Cactus Holiday Drill Beat Challenge in Soundtrap.

Holiday Drill Beat Challenge: Collaborate with Jay Cactus in Soundtrap

About Jay Cactus

Jay Cactus is a highly-acclaimed music producer and content creator known for his unique UK Drill productions and captivating cook-up videos. Born in Toronto, Canada, and raised in the UK, he has established himself as a leading figure in the genre.

Between 2021 and 2022, Jay made significant waves in the music industry by producing for artists such as Giggs, Noizy, French The Kid, Skinny Flex, Remtrex, and more. His joint album Love And War with rapper GioHGS is slated for release later this year. 

As a content creator, Jay has a growing YouTube channel where he shares his knowledge and expertise in music production through informative tutorials that offer aspiring producers and musicians valuable insights, tips, and techniques to enhance their skills and creative workflow. 

Jay is known for pushing his creative boundaries and evolving the sound of UK drill by experimenting with musical inspirations from other countries, cultures, and genres.

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