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The Only DAW Software You’ll Need

Making hits starts with your digital audio workstation (DAW). With Soundtrap, you can get access to your own personal recording studio anytime, anywhere.

A home studio setup showing the Soundtrap DAW alongside beat making MPC drum pads

What is a DAW?

A digital audio workstation (DAW) is software that lets users record and edit audio from their own computers. Soundtrap gives artists an easily accessible and intuitive studio — letting both beginners and experienced professionals collaborate from anywhere without having to export their work. 

Plus, music makers can choose from various plans that suit their needs.

Why use Soundtrap?

Soundtrap comes equipped with numerous features to make your next song stand out. 

Soundtrap allows you to record your music and collaborate with others from the comfort of your own home.

Music artist singing and recording vocals on her personal phone through the Soundtrap Studio App

Record audio

You can record or upload audio as soon as you sign up for Soundtrap. Just enter the studio, hit “add new track,” hook up your mic, and get started. You’ll want to ensure you’re in a quiet place and have some headphones on if you can. However, if you can’t find a quiet location, the studio lets you adjust your reverb, pan your audio, and control the volume as you record. 

Already have a recording you laid down somewhere else? Just import the file and start editing!

Close up view of Antares Auto-Tune® in the Soundtrap Studio

Edit your vocals

Even if you have a track already recorded, Soundtrap’s DAW gives you access to an extensive suite of editing tools.

Create effects, transform your voice, change your pitch, and unlock Soundtrap's Vocal Tuner to get your vocals where they need to be  — all inside the Studio.

Two Soundtrap users editing a song in real time with the help of the Comment features.

Collaborate — from anywhere — with anyone — at anytime

Soundtrap users can collaborate from anywhere through the DAW in real-time. Create music together, and never miss a beat.

You can comment on parts of a song, make changes while the music is still in the production phase, collab with each other in real-time, and never have to worry about losing your music thanks to the Auto-Save feature.

Artist using Soundtrap's cloud based DAW from personal computer

Connect on a wide range of devices

Soundtrap can also be used on various devices, meaning you don’t need the latest and greatest PC to start working in the Studio. Whether you’re working on a desktop computer or an iPad, everything is saved to the Cloud so you can access it as soon as inspiration strikes.

Choose the right DAW to make the perfect mix

All 808s, no heartbreak. With the Soundtrap Studio, you have every tool you need at your fingertips.

Close up software preview of the Pattern Beat Maker

Patterns Beat Maker

Go all the way from a basic beat to adding the kick, snares, and hi-hat combination to elevate your track and make a sound no one has ever heard with the Soundtrap Patterns Beat Maker. 

Random collage of four sound packs available within Soundtrap


Over 22,000 — that’s how many loops you’ll have access to on Soundtrap’s Supreme and Complete plans. It doesn’t matter if you’re into pop-punk or creating the next EDM anthem, you can find the loops you need in the studio.

Every other week you’ll get access to a new Soundtrap Originals sound pack, filled with loops and sounds inspired by the best artists and most popular genres of today.

Small preview of eight playable and controllable instruments inside the Soundtrap DAW


Soundtrap takes instruments up a notch. Not only will you have access to instruments like the piano, guitar, or drums from your fingertips, but you’ll be able to add your own audio files and connect your own instruments to Soundtrap.

Add your track, adjust its sound, and then incorporate all of the instruments you need.

Three young aspiring music artists singing, recording, and editing music.

Choose the right DAW to make Mastering easier

Mastering your music becomes easier than ever through the Soundtrap Studio. Soundtrap allows you to master your music automatically so that it’s ready to stream. 

After mixing and processing the individual tracks, Soundtrap masters your song automatically — saving you hours. With Soundtrap, there’s no figuring out new tech and no long waits, only getting your music to the level it deserves. Whether it’s processors or mixers, Soundtrap can help you balance your song and get it streaming ready for the Spotify Top 50.

Make music online and collaborate directly in the studio.