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Sampler — Create Your Own Unique Sound from Anything

Time to level up your production skills! Jump in the studio and sample your dog, car, kitchen, guitar, Beethoven — anything. Create instruments from any sound, from anywhere. Introducing: Sampler!*

Image of the Sampler in Soundtrap
The sampler plugin in Soundtrap

Sample anything — easily!

Record any sound on your phone or recording device and import it into Sampler in Soundtrap. Automatically map it out across your keyboard or synth and start jamming. Tweak your sound to perfection and start recording with your brand-new instrument.

An image of Soundtraps The Sampler

Your very own beat sampler

Make beats that sound like you! Import any downloaded drum kits and sounds into the Soundtrap Sampler and shape them into your own unique sounds. Use the sampler settings to perfect the one-shot and simply map it out on the MIDI sequencer.

An image of the Soundtrap Loops Library

1000s of new one-shots

Unsure where to start? Explore our loops & sound library. In addition to our 23,000+ pre-made loops and samples, we have released thousands of brand new one-shots, created exclusively for Sampler. Just drag and drop any of our pre-made sounds into the sampler tool.

Image of sampler in full feature mode

Tweak your samples with a few easy settings

We have created a super easy way to manipulate any sample so your music will always be unique and stand out. With Sampler, you can adjust settings like attack, release, decay, and glide with the simple turn of a knob.

A laptop showing Soundtrap's sampler on the screen.

Record your audio, export, and sample it!

Have a guitar or a flute lying around? Use your live instruments to record in Soundtrap, export the audio to a WAV file, then re-import it back into the sampler and transform it into a whole new instrument! The Soundtrap Sampler makes music sampling easier than ever before!

Get started with Soundtrap today!