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Beatmaker by Soundtrap — Bring Your Beats to Life

Beatmaker by Soundtrap! The ultimate & free drum machine for online beat-making and drum loops!

A male beat maker in the studio
Patterns Beatmaker feature in Soundtrap

Your online drum machine

Choose your virtual drum kit, pick your sounds, and start programming your drum grooves online in seconds. Invite your friends to collaborate on the project in real-time.

Edit and mix your beat with our midi editor and add effects and instruments before you export your finished track — all in one DAW!

Mastering engineer in the studio

For the pros and the beginners

The Soundtrap Beatmaker is easy to learn and can be used by professionals and aspiring beatmakers alike. No complex settings or hundreds of knobs to figure out.

Just choose your desired drum sounds and start plotting out your rhythm on the step sequencer. Making a beat has never been easier!

The premade drum kits library in Soundtrap

Over 100 virtual drum kits and digital sounds

Whether you want to make Trap, Lo-Fi, Rock, or Dance Music, the Beatmaker comes with premade drum kits, percussion, and sounds in various styles. From 808s to Jazz drums – pick your groove and get started!

Get started with Soundtrap today!

Patterns Beatmaker lets you choose from over 100 of drum kits and sounds.

Soundtrap Originals Cover art of four different sound packs

Create with loops and samples

Did you know that Soundtrap offers over 23,000 premade loops, samples, and sounds in the studio? So why not start your beat off by using a loop from the Soundtrap library?

Just open the loop tab and search for a genre, vibe, instrument or why not an artist that you love? Find a sound that inspires you and simply add it to your project.

Soundtrap tracks that show collaboration

Team up and collaborate

Soundtrap is a collaborative online DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), which means that you can invite collaborators to your project.

Make edits, leave comments, and send messages in real-time while you create your songs. Everything is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device, from anywhere.

Get started with Soundtrap today!