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Collaborate — from anywhere — with anyone

Ready to get started? Join the collab and make the music you want to hear!

Music creator on a group call collaborating and editing music with multiple artists using Soundtrap

Connect on a wide range of devices

Explore, tweak, and evolve any of your projects with your friends. Soundtrap is the go-to collaboration tool for music makers anywhere in the world. Browse the loop library and choose from over 22,000 loops and sounds and connect with your Collaborators whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. 

Soundtrap is available on most devices. Record your songs, edit your tracks, and work with other artists from anywhere with Soundtrap. With all of your projects stored online in the cloud, you won’t lose anything from your music-making sessions.

Share your project through a simple link directly from the Soundtrap Studio and collaborate in real-time through text or video chat – no matter what device you work on.

Three content creators using different instruments to collaborate on music at their home recording studios

New features: Comment, Live Collab & Auto-Save

Soundtrap is constantly evolving to provide creators with not just the best features, instruments, and loops but by providing better ways to collaborate. Soundtrap’s newest features can make it seem like your collaborators are in the same room as you are. 


Wherever you are in the collaboration process, now you can leave Comments to another Soundtrap user for a smoother sync. Pinpoint a region, instrument, or moment of a song to make feedback crystal clear.

Why use Commenting? 

Commenting allows you and your collaborators to stay on the same page and in the same creative flow. No more long email chains or texts asking where you should make a change in your music, now you can gather and track feedback all in one place and never miss a beat.

Laptop showing Soundtrap's collaboration feature - commenting

Live Collab

Live Collab allows you to work in sync with your collaborators. Allowing users to edit a song in real-time makes your process smoother without having to stop and reset every time someone wants to make an edit.

Why use Live Collab? 

Reduce friction for your collaborations and eliminate confusion in your music-making process. Live Collab allows you to become more productive and work more efficiently with your collaborators. 

The collab you've been waiting for.

Close up view of music editing collaboration, showing two people editing simultaneously


With the Auto-Save feature in Soundtrap, you’ll never have to worry about losing the music you’ve worked so hard for. Auto-Save lets you remove the hassle of manual saves without needing to step away from the creative process. 

Why use Auto-Save?

You’ll be able to work from anywhere, collaborate with anyone, and never have to worry about losing your work. 

Make music better, together!

Start your collaboration in Soundtrap today

Soundtrap's mobile and desktop music collaboration software

A space to create together, wherever you are.

From your bedroom or the studio, in the beats lab or the bus - connect with your collaborators whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. This is the collab you've been waiting for. Sign up to Soundtrap for free to record, edit, and collaborate live in the studio.

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