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Online Sequencer for Making Music

Music sequencers let you make beats and songs directly on any device and can take your songwriting to the next level. Soundtrap comes equipped with an online beat sequencer and piano roll for music making — anywhere and anytime.

Male music producer making beats with Soundtrap's online sequencer

Plenty of music-making tools enable artists to create unique sounds on the web, but an online sequencer is your go-to software if you want to create professional songs instantly on your computer. Beat sequencers and piano rolls allow you to create drum grooves, chord progressions, and melodies and are the perfect way to go from idea to finished song in minutes. 

Digital audio workstations (DAWs), like Soundtrap, come equipped with built-in music sequencing software that gives you a clear overview of each element of your song and lets you make edits easier than ever before. Your music making stays in the cloud so that you’ll have access to your projects wherever you are.

What is a Music Sequencer?

A music sequencer is a software or application that enables music makers to perform various music production-related tasks, including recording, editing, and playing back music. 

A beat sequencer, or step sequencer, is commonly used to program drums in a DAW and lets you decide which drum sound should play and during which step in the drum sequence. This makes a step sequencer ideal for beat-making and building drum loops in your productions. 

A piano roll is another common music sequencer and is perhaps more suitable for instruments with longer notes, like keys or strings. A piano roll lets you decide the length of the note played and change the pitch and velocity in the sequencer. 

Music sequencers simplify recording and editing by processing notes and sounds using MIDI audio files. They are also easy to use, equipped with built-in virtual instruments, and have nearly all the features needed to create great music from scratch. As a result, more and more songwriters rely on online sequencers in their music production tasks.

Today’s sequencers contrast with the beginning of music sequencing when they were considered separate pieces of music equipment. Today, you can use a music sequencer online in DAWs like Soundtrap, making music more accessible than ever with every tool you need at your fingertips. And even though an external MIDI controller makes it easier to record in your sequencer, you can just as well get incredible results using your mouse and keyboard.

MIDI Piano roll close up in Soundtrap

Online MIDI Sequencer in Soundtrap

The Benefits of Music Sequencing: What is Online Music Sequencing?

Online Music Sequencing is music recording, editing, and playback that utilizes an online MIDI sequencer to program sounds and loops. It’s a great way to have more control over your tracks and create unique grooves and melodies.

Tempo Control

Music sequencers come with tempo control, measured in BPM (beats per minute) that allows you to play the entire song faster or slower, depending on your preferences. You can use your online music sequencer to change the tempo without altering the song’s pitch or timbre. 

Performance Editing

When you access a sequencer online, you can edit the entire track on a per-note basis. Although modern audio producers generally use an online music sequencer with pre-recorded instruments and samples, you can record live instruments directly into your DAW and edit the recording in the sequencer.

Intuitive Interface

Modern online music sequencers offer an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for music makers ready to jump in and start creating. In the Soundtrap studio, you can make beats simply by opening up the Patterns Beatmaker, which lets any beginner create drum sequences that sound like a pro made them.

Close up software preview of the Pattern Beat Maker

Soundtrap's Patterns Beatmaker is an online sequencer for creating drum loops

How to Use Soundtrap’s Online Sequencer

Using Soundtrap’s online beat sequencer and piano roll is the perfect way to create beats and instrumentals without having to buy expensive equipment or learn how to play real instruments.

  • First, log in to the Soundtrap Studio and select Patterns Beatmaker. You can also access the Patterns Beatmaker by adding a new track and selecting “Drums and Machines”

  • Next, decide which instrument presets you want in your music experiment! You can use the Drum Machine or the Drum Kit to select an instrument preset.

  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll also see different instrument sounds, such as the Kick, Snare, and HiHat. If you’d like to change the default sounds, click on the sound and select an option from the drop-down list.

  • The rows of boxes at the bottom of the screen will automatically create a 1-bar loop with 4 beats. Each beat contains 4 steps which gives you a total of 16 steps to program with sounds.

  • Experiment with the Patterns Beatmaker by clicking on the boxes to create a beat.

You can also experiment with different BPMs and instruments to bring your vision to life. Consider layering your beats from different drum kits to create a full-bodied sound. Want to see how it’s done? Check out how to make a Lo-Fi Beat from Scratch in our Beautiful Beats beats series.

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What is Soundtrap?

Soundtrap is the ultimate audio production platform for music makers and storytellers to create and edit audio recordings, with thousands of audio loops, instruments, and samples only a click away.

With Soundtrap’s DAW, music makers can collaborate in the cloud, anytime, or anywhere. Our platform has a robust resource portal and tutorials to get started immediately. The online sequencer is just one of the many features that let you create professional songs as soon as inspiration hits.

Try it out for yourself! Check out our pricing page for a subscription that fits you, and don’t forget to share this article with others in your network to help spread the joy of making music.

Start creating with Soundtrap!