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Soundtrap Vocal Tuner - Auto Pitch Correction Online

So, you want to make your vocals sound professional? Soundtrap’s online studio comes equipped with an automatic Vocal Tuner effect that will make any vocals sound lush and fall perfectly in tune.

Vocalist in studio recording lyrics

What is Vocal Tuner?

Vocal tuning or automatic pitch correction is a software application that automatically changes a vocal, or voice recording, to a desired pitch in real-time. The app lets you set which key and scale you want the vocals to stay in and adjusts any pitches outside of those parameters.

Not many vocalists can sing perfectly in tune throughout a whole performance. That’s why pitch correction is sometimes needed in editing. The Vocal Tuner is a way of automating the pitch correction process, so the vocals align perfectly with the song in an easy setting.

Soundtrap Vocal Tuner Plugin

How to use Vocal Tuner in Soundtrap

To pitch correct your vocals using Vocal Tuner, you need to record a vocalist singing or rapping in the Soundtrap Studio.

Do you already have a vocal recording laying around? No problem! Import the audio file to your project and apply the Vocal Tuner. Read more about how to record vocals in Soundtrap here.

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Soundtrap's key meter in the studio

Find the song key

Once you’ve recorded or imported your vocals, you need to find out what key the song is in. The Vocal Tuner setting needs to be in the same key as your song to sound good. If you created the song in Soundtrap, the song key is provided on the bottom panel of the studio.

Apply the effect

Hover over the recorded vocal region in your project and click “Edit”. Choose Vocal Tuner from the dropdown menu and your Vocal Tuner plugin will open.


Pick the amount of Vocal Tuner you want to apply to your vocals, ranging from Light to Heavy. For that robotic Vocal Tuner effect you hear in Trap and Electronic Music, pick Heavy. For just a slight correction to your vocals, pick Light.


Set the key and scale of your song. Your vocals will auto-correct according to this key. If you have used loops or MIDI instruments in Soundtrap, the key of the song is specified in the project.

Click save and Vocal Tuner will be applied to the vocal region.

Soundtrap's Vocal Tuner plugin in dark mode

A few tips

  • If you don’t know which key your song is in, this website can help you find the key by exporting your project from Soundtrap and uploading the audio file to it.

  • You can also use the setting All Notes (Chromatic) if you’re unsure which key your song is in. Or you can edit the scale manually by clicking on the notes in the plugin.

  • Adjust the settings until it sounds good. Every voice is different and some tweaking is necessary before you achieve the perfect Vocal Tuner effect.

Check out producer and songwriter Lxgend mixing pro vocals in Soundtrap

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