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Endless potential

Soundtrap EDU is an online tool that enables teachers to follow the latest curriculums through music, podcasts, language, literacy training and other sound recordings.

A creative environment in which students can collaborate and develop their own creative and communication skills.

Soundtrap EDU is trusted by more than 10,000+ teachers worldwide

From elementary to university

Soundtrap EDU is easy to use for both teachers and students of all levels. The studio comes with an extensive collection of PRO quality loops, effects and software instruments.

Multi Device

Soundtrap EDU is designed to work on virtually any device - both mobile and desktop. And since the studio is completely Cloud-Powered, students can continue working on their projects from home.


Students can collaborate and communicate with each other inside Soundtrap. Teachers can now give remote lessons through Soundtrap’s virtual learning environment. This opens up exciting possibilities for project based learning and collaborations between schools around the world in real time.

Digital classrooms

Soundtrap EDU makes classrooms digital through its integration with multiple LMS’s like Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology and Music First. Creating assignments and following up on them is smooth and seamless.

Walled garden

Soundtrap EDU provides students with a safe and secure online environment to learn and play in. It is compliant with COPPA and FERPA standards.

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