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Third Party Software

Many great pieces of free and open-source software have really helped us create Soundtrap. A few require that we include their license agreements within our product, so we're listing them here! You can see which software we've been using as well as the terms of the licenses too. A huge thanks from all of us at Soundtrap to the awesome people behind the fantastic programs listed.

T H A N K   Y O U !

Certain FOSS Licenses, such as the GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser (or Library) General Public License, and Mozilla Public License, require that Soundtrap make available to recipients the source code corresponding to FOSS binaries distributed under those licenses. Recipients who would like to receive a copy of such source code should submit a request to Soundtrap by email, at, or by post at:

Attn: FOSS
Box 4339
102 67 Stockholm

Please identify in submitted requests: the FOSS packages for which you are requesting source code; the Soundtrap application and version number with which the requested source code is distributed; an email address at which Soundtrap may contact you regarding the request (if available); and the postal address for delivery of source code.