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Educational Use

Storytelling is in our blood

Welcome to your one-stop shop for high quality podcast creation! If storytelling is in your blood, we just made it easier for you to be heard.

With our interactive transcript feature, you can record and automatically transcribe your voice. Edit your recording as you would edit a text document. Then you can upload to Spotify and improve your discoverability, or just download your podcast and distribute it wherever you want.


Editing made easy

Transform spoken word into text and edit your audio easily from an interactive transcript. Speed up your workflow with silence removal and gap editing.

(Available on desktop)


Increase discoverability of your podcast

Our interactive transcript feature will automatically transcribe your podcast and increase its discoverability through organic search.

(Available on desktop)

Remote interview

Link them in

Share an interview link to anyone (with an internet connection and a microphone) to join your podcast remotely. Without them needing to sign up.

(Available on desktop)

Multi track

The more the merrier

Invite multiple people to collaborate on your podcast and record on separate tracks in the studio. In highest quality audio.

(Available on desktop)


Put a jingle on it

Create your own jingle and complete your production with sound effects from audio resources.

Upload to Spotify

Upload directly to Spotify

When you’re done you can easily publish your podcast and transcript directly to Spotify.

(Available on desktop)

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on any device

Interview, chat, broadcast, together with friends or total strangers, in real time. You can access your studio wherever you are, cause everything is stored in the cloud.